Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Don't Have Time For This

I should not be posting, except it does give me a moment to catch my breath and organize my thoughts... otherwise there is too much to do and I should be doing the domestic hustle.

I think Lindy was more excited meeting Maria than the other way around. Kids these days...

Did I mention that Robotics is all consuming? Yeah. Alex came home after 1 AM, and Geoff got back here after 4 AM. Now they are leaving to San Diego for an all day event and preparations. Friday and Saturday will be the same.

A moment of silence please. Steve, our little, green parakeet has flown the coop. I do not know how, exactly. I was cleaning his cage, outside, and I think he managed to squeeze under the tray gap... he must have been very determined, because I did not hear, see, sense, detect or suspect a thing. Suddenly he was not there. He came to us a free spirit, wandering in our yard, and he left in the same adventurous and dignified manner... on his own terms. I hope he writes. I hope all of his dreams come true. I hope Maria stops asking when he'll come back.

Max was vomiting last night. Just saying.

One of the cats seems to be sick too.

Ready for good fantastic news? Alex's name was drawn in the lottery and he'll be going to his high school of choice in the Fall! This is such a tremendous relief and joy and we have been really touched by all the congratulations and supportive remarks. And thank You for your prayers, wishes and good thoughts... it worked! Now we just need to find a house.

Last night I wrote 9 letters to Maria... daily messages of love and inquiries about her day, for her to receive while I am away. I wrote letters to the boys, and a helpful love letter for Geoff. The house is technically cleaner, sort of, but it was the letter writing that really helped put my heart at ease. And all of the comments and feedback from You friends have been good and funny and insightful. Thank you D.A... I knew it was ugly when I bought it, but I felt desperate. Fate required that I buy 'big brown,' so that my old and trusty canvas messenger bag would reveal itself... all is well. I am learning to use the small camera and I am packing light, but maybe I should reduce the load a bit more. Can I bring wine from Spain into France? I may be meeting a friend's friend in Avignon and I want to bring a gift.

What am I forgetting?
Breath. Must remember to breath.
What else am I forgetting?
I need a nap.


Anna Banana said...

Don't bring wine. Bring Olivier the Beauty of the Earth CD I gave you - I will get you another one. Kiss him on both cheeks for me (if you are not too shy). Can't wait to hear about your travels!! Love to you and Delia, xoxoxox

Kelly said...

I have a cockatiel that did that...the neighbors found it in the clutches of their dog, but the dog had not hurt it, yet. I think they wanted to keep it! I went around from door to door on the next street looking for my bird. I saw the kids peeking out the side window the first time I went to the door, so I knew they were home, but I dont think they wanted to give up the Sounds like you got a busy weekend ahead of you. Congrats on the school deal. :) Hugs, Kelly