Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Netbook Blogger... Tre Chic

Chic and Green... Geoff's reading me the Wiki article on the netbook, our mini, low power demand, fewer toxic component, will travel, blogging machine. Business Week has something to say about them too... I'm not only justifying our sound investment, I am also learning how to use this cute little machine, before Chicken goes Abroad. I should leave in the typos, so you can laugh at my inept skills.

You see, while I have been lying laying prone at night, thinking of how I might starve, because I cannot read French menus, Geoff has been imagining me sauntering into Internet Cafes and tuning in to the WiFi, downloading pictures, emailing newsy letters and regularly posting to Chickenblog. He just found a new system for me to upload images for PC/Windows use... he thinks I know what the formage he's talking about! If I never figure out how to upload images, export them and post them from Abroad, I hope you all will forgive me.

So, either I am going to try to clean the house or Geoff is going to put me through Netbook training camp. Good grief. A rock and a hard place.


Mary Smith said...

You're on a trip? How fun!! France? HOpe your having a great time!

judy in ky said...

When are you leaving for your trip? I may have missed that. How long will you be away? For our sake, I hope you will be able to blog from there. Just think of the tales you will be able to tell us. I always feel like a chicken when I am going to a new place... but I always end up loving it!