Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Getting Serious

This is it. Today is the day. I have to accomplish the work of months in a single day. Included in my list of reasons to stay home, when Geoff came up with the travel plan, was: I have got to clean the house, because post crunch mode everything is neglected. Neglected = A Total Mess. His response was: Don't worry. I will be here to take care of that. Isn't that a nice response? And didn't I accept it at face value, and breath a small sigh of relief? But neither of us factored in robotics, which has retained its impossible schedule and will be all consuming right up until Chicken Abroad departure time.


Guess what? The house is still neglected a total mess, and I am trying to catch my breath from all the usual challenges + the added madness of making a major trip to a faraway land + the house is a total mess + my Mom is coming!

Hold on a sec.

I just need to say a prayer and breath deeply.

Oh Lord.

I always say my prayers in the form of gratitude, but this time I am asking for guidance and forgiveness. Things have gotten out of hand. It's typical for this time of year, when we go in to survival mode, but there are extra, external forces militating against us.

Still breathing.

Friends, good ones, always say Don't worry about it. And I would definitely say Don't worry about it to You, but I of course I am going to worry about it. And if I have any ambition or shame in me, I will work very hard today. Paperwork is everywhere. Piles of stuff is everywhere else. My bed looks like it is afloat, or sunk, in a sea of flotsam and jetsam. Even Steve, the bird, and the chicas' homes need a vigorous dose of early Spring cleaning. The whole truth is that I will need to work very hard to get the house almost decent and manage an ever intensifying robotics schedule, bill paying, packing, making Geoff a detailed list of Garage Mahal Management Minutia. Oh, and don't let me forget to find a repair patch for the airbed.

I will have to lie. It's true. I will clean all day and probably for a few hours tomorrow, and somehow I will figure out how to be 3 places at once, while trying to come to terms with my separation anxiety and fear of flying, and then because the house will never look the way I want it to look, be as precious and ship-shape as I imagine it should be, I will tell anyone who sees it: It's been crazy around here and I have not had time to clean.

Geoff will not appreciate that last bit, but the lie is true... it's keeping it real, like us mommy bloggers like to say. Maybe it's how we protect our spirits from total defeat. Maybe it's a kind of forgiveness we grant our psyches. Maybe I wanted to stay home and clean in the first place and a last minute trip to Europe is a monumental undertaking best avoided in times of duress... maybe. Or maybe I am a self-deprecating kind of person that should not worry so much. nah

Fortunately, it's not all drama. We made our way to Balboa Park for some much needed family time. It was wonderful.

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