Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Finish That Fence!

Are we ready for a pool update? Ya, me too. Okay here goes: The equipment (filter and heater) is hooked up, and today an electrician will come and connect all the lines. But now the ball is in our court, and frankly we have no 'racket.' I kind of thought we might get caught like this. The western fence is incomplete; the sections on special order are not in. The eastern fence is finished, but it is missing a big gate. This is pretty much as I predicted. We can't have our county inspection until security is secure, and we can't schedule plaster until we pass inspection...argghhh. On a brighter note; it's still frickin' hot!

Our landscapers retain their shining reputations. We didn't like the way things were adding up; they poured less concrete than we paid for, but this morning they explained that they deduct the difference. It is easier to over-order when buying concrete, than to come up short. Cool. Sod worked out the same way. They did extra grading for us, and now the street section and driveway are looking good.

Right now they are creating our grill and counter top. I am supposed to visit a place to choose a stone to top the whole thing. And neighbor John and Geoff are going to custom weld the actual grill and plancha for cooking. Sniff, sniff...do you smell something? Tortillas are toasting and chiles are sizzling on the hot grill! Can I get you a cold cerveza, to go with your tacos? So, I'm thinking; 'pool, grill, fiesta-16 de septiembre!'

Grandma and Grampa are home from Oregon. They spent a long week with Mom and Dad; picking blackberries, visiting Florence, North Bend, Roseburg, Coos Bay, Portland, and Bandon. It sounds as though they had a really good time. They talked about how beautiful the new house is, and what a good foreman Ron is. They were also impressed with the intensity of the flower colors and the lushness of the trees. Mom and Dad are going to have to make it official and hang up a 'B&B' sign; Becky Sioux is arriving with a friend today, and at the end of the week Becky and Dan will join them. We have marked our calendar for a Thanksgiving visit.

Classic: I heard a truck pull up, so I ran to check. It's Mission Pools! Yesterday the scheduler said I had to be home from 12 noon through evening, so I could meet the electricians. I couldn't make any afternoon plans with Mom and Corm, who are visiting from Kona. And I made a commitment to go choose the stone with Victor for this morning. So, Mission Pools shows up 2 hours early and they tell me they need to work all day! It's not famine or the plague, but it sure bites, when people can't make and keep regular schedules.

The saddest part is that instead of running around Ikea with Holly and Ruth, or choosing flagstone with Victor, I will be home, and I'll be feeling compelled to clean the kitchen, do some laundry and go through paper work! Torture! Foul! Yuck! One of the weaker parts of achieving 'adulthood' is accepting the fact that you have to do all the stuff that no one else wants to do, including; bills, cleaning barf, scaring away solicitors, choosing a long distance carrier and driving yourself to the dentist. Well, if there is any one out there actually reading this, please think kindly of me and wish me luck: I am going to be a grown up now.

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