Thursday, August 29, 2002

Can It Be?

Take a deep breathe and let it all out. Repeat.

Writing is a poor medium for conveying the tension and suspense that hung in the air at the Rancho. Or perhaps I feel inadequate to convey the feelings. We were certainly stressing, and Geoff especially was under too much pressure, here and at the office. Strange thing about anticipation, once the event comes and goes, all the pent up energy and anxiety needs to go too, but where and how?

Mr. Navarro pulled up up at 11:30 a.m. and did his thing. He pointed out some spots that will need fine tuning, and cautioned us about the time when the pool cover will not be installed. Then he shook Geoff's hand and said, "You are approved for plaster." Cool and calm.

I feel elated, but full of that pent-up-worry energy. The feelings are genuine, but when I read the words and think about what I am going through; the whole thing totally amuses me. I know perfectly well that there are worse things to get all worked up over. No need to get stressy. It's really time to celebrate, relax and give thanks that I have the privilege to enjoy trivial and even good stress.

Tomorrow plaster will be applied to the pool and by 1 p.m. they will turn on the big hose and fill the pool with water. The pool will fill in 24 hours. It will be cloudy and even greenish. On Tuesday Mission Pools will come for a first clean up; brushing and vacuuming and starting chemicals. Then I will brush the plaster, several times, daily, for a week. Pool Safe will install the cover sometime in the next 2 weeks. That's it. We can swim in about a week from the time plaster is installed or as soon as the water is clear. Yahooty!

I should celebrate by doing something classically American, middle class: I will go to Target! Max needs more underwear, and we are out of shampoo. I'll check out the clearance aisle and see what inflatable goodies are sitting around, waiting to go to a good home.

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