Friday, August 30, 2002

Get Plastered :: Summer's End

Good morning. It's Friday. It's plaster time. Victor and I worked until dark, last night, setting tiles on the steps and bench. I got pretty good at it, and with what tile is left I want to decorate something else. Anyway, we are all set for what these guys are going to do today. It's 6:30 a.m. and they are in the pool scraping and cleaning all the messes left by every crew that came before them.

This is going to be very interesting. I think we've grown accustomed to our rough, gray, concrete lined hole in the ground. After today it will be an actual swimming pool. We will enjoy all the luxuries, and some chores, of a private pool; except for skinny dipping: Grandfather has better vision than he admits to, a keen interest in keeping tabs on everyone, and a very wide open view of the pool and spa. I am sure he'll be giving me regular reports on who's 'been running around the pool,' which kid 'jumped in' and from where. All my friends have 'ooh'd and ahh'd,' about the romance of a back yard spa, and evening swims. I should be checking out the nurseries for a fast growing, dense hedge!

Everything is winding down and settling in. I've pruned some shrubs, Geoff mowed a section of lawn. The chicas left 2 eggs yesterday, and the tractor looks comfortable and well used. And by Sunday afternoon it will all be over. No more summer vacation, no more workers. No more trucks and wheel barrows and concrete. Even guests from out of town will be on their way home. will be strange.

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