Sunday, August 25, 2002

"I am Happy This Way"

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, Max and I spread out an old bed sheet on the new lawn. The sheet was cool and the breeze moved through it in a summery way. The lawn was mown for the first time. It was dark, crushed green, and flat topped, like a good, thick haircut. Max rushed in to my arms and we sat embracing one another. He whispered in my ear, "I feel good right now. I am happy this way." This moment will remain in memory always. I have anticipated running in the yard, picnics on the lawn, cartwheels in the shade, and stretching out to watch birds and clouds. And now we are living dreams and it is wonderful; better than imagined.

Alex hounded us until we found the tent. He has spent the week preparing to go on a bug expedition. He has been researching insects, lizards and birds. He has a box and net for collecting specimens, and paper and pencil to record data and illustrate interesting finds. He helped pack sandwiches, and snacks. Earlier this week, as a special treat I let them have root beer. He saved his soda for his anticipated adventure. And now everything is in readiness. The domed, 4 person tent is pitched at the back of the yard, behind the playset and north of the chickens. Inside there are 2 sleeping bags, some pillows and other necessities. William has agreed to join the team; no decision yet from Max. The boys have flashlights, and vivid imaginations. This will be a very interesting night.

I am happy for my boys. They have the gift of finding the world engaging, interesting. They read together; Harry Potter, Tarzan, Swiss Family Robinson, The Prince and The Pauper. They build together; Lego towers, robots, castles and airplane models. They draw factories and cats, swords and penguins, and inventions with pulleys, wiring and gears. They plant trees and flowers, and care for their cats, fish and chickens. They create whole worlds, with languages, histories, cultures and technologies; they render them on paper, or in mud and sticks in a corner of the yard. They keep their curiosity, wonder and respect, they research and touch and listen. They have full and enriched lives.

Today I am taking the Chica Roja down to the corral. I will bring up dirt to the "Secret Garden." Alex and I have some flowers and herbs to plant. And then I will prune some of Grandmother's roses, gather some rosemary, and transplant the thyme.

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