Tuesday, April 29, 2003

You Odyssey See Our New Car

Great Honda ad, for your viewing pleasure

Our punny little car joke. Better than aching for a new car is believing that your regular beater is good enough, and then finally, cautiously, thoughtfully, saving and searching, buying a new car. I love our new vehicle. I love the clean, the smell, the handling, the brakes, the handling, the brakes. I really like the way it handles and the brakes are good too. I even love the dealership where we bought our white Jet Puff. Am I repeating myself? But I really can appreciate these features, because I drove the Anti-Odyssey. I drove the Suburban Oddity; a 2 wheel-drive testament to inferior steering and faulty brakes; the mystery fragrance was our contribution, but the rest was a package deal.

It is true that there are a lot of Odysseys, and other mini vans, out there. So, maybe it's not too original. The color, I have decided, is wonderful...it's alert and bright. In a parking lot I distinguish my Jet Puff from the crowd by the bear fetish hanging from the rear view mirror; it works. And on a busy street, or at a four way stop, you can pick me out from the crowd; I am the one grinning contentedly, singing along with my mix tape, and waving knowingly, happily, at other Odyssey drivers.

No fair totally condemning the Big Blue Whale. It never completely failed us; it just made us wonder anxiously. And how bad can it actually be, since we have decided to hang on to Ol' Blue? We'll drive the Blue Whale to the lumberyard, the nursery, and if God is willing, I hope we can make one more Mexico trip. Blue is ideal for Sonora, dirt roads, river beds, dust, cow fields, pot holes and road side repairs. With a thorough tune up and some well chosen tools in the back, we could ride the range to my Abuelos'.

But for riding around town, I could not be more grateful for our Honda. Honda makes a great product. Tomorrow I am taking my grandparents to an appointment across town. We will all fit comfortably. Last Saturday we made a road trip to our local mountains for pie and nature (okay, just pie, but we did see some nature.) Even with Anne, Jacob, Adam, Max, Alex, William and myself all together in one vehicle, we rode first class. And next week we are making our first extra big trip, to see Bill and Alison. I think we'll be comfortable and happy as we navigate the Pacific coast and inland valleys, the rolling hills and coastal forests.

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