Sunday, April 27, 2003

Like a kite. Yellow in the sky.

We flew kites yesterday with our friends, Adam, Jacob and Anne. I think it may have been easier to fly kites on a windy day. As it was the boys had to be more ambitious and vigilant to keep their crafts aloft. We found our best luck by running from the far eastern corner and back up to the western fence corner, and all the while letting the string unwind steadily.

Here are Adam and William starting their kites with a nice uphill run.

There were a few tangles when the limited airspace was filled up, but once everyone found an altitude with a regular breeze, it was smooth sailing. Here is Adam navigating the Rancho sky. After awhile a pilot needs a place to sit. Jacob's kite reached the end of its string. All the boys were very successful with their kite flying, and we keep finding good uses for our tractor!

All the kite fying was possible because Geoff mowed the field again. The weeds were too high to trudge through, but the Chica Roja, our faithful little tractor left neat rows of stickers and stubble. The birds seem grateful for the seeds and exposed bugs. Geoff left 4 little "islands of weeds" uncut, "because they're purple." I think it may be wild radish, and the rabbits make use of the refuges when they are out for late snacks.

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