Monday, April 28, 2003

Injuries, Pride and Limbs

Well, I may never get my turn at the laptop. William was inspired by his friend Jacob's personal website, and so he spent the weekend with his dad getting an intensive web building lesson. They have been very busy teaching and learning, and monopolizing the one machine I need to make links in the Blog. It's a good trade-off; William is absorbed and learning new skills. I am sure he and Jacob will have a good time exchanging ideas and lots of laughs.

What's that smell? Sorta musty. Sorta 'lived in.' Maybe my pants...the ones I pulled from the hamper and figured had one more wearable day in them. Hmmm. Maybe I do need a Life Coach, or just a life line. At least I am only wearing my work jeans for yard work and boy wrestling. At least it's not like yesterday when I went strapless bra hunting, and thought I was dressed suitably for public scrutiny. Trying on dozens of breast contraptions and other forms of Lycra and lace bondage, tearfully staring back at my reflection in the mall mirror and turning to see the back view; across the butt of my "clean jeans" is a large crusted stripe of pancake batter. It's bad enough to be me, a fish out of her element when in a mall or department store, but this took the cake--so to speak. Don't look for a link here. There will be no photos.

I tried on the dress...the bridesmaid dress...this morning. I wonder if the fit is supposed to be sort of relaxed and flowing or somewhat like sausage casing around a superior piece of chorizo? I put on the shoes to see whether an extra three inches in height elevation reduced my breast size, but was disappointed to discover that there is no correlation.

My breakfast was a thumb size slice of cheese and an apple. It's an almost Atkins, kind of vegetarian, sort of low calorie meal. And I am still doing sit ups and other lifts, shifts and crunches. No more arm right elbow is injured from pushing compost filled wheel barrows up steep slopes, and unloading fifteen gallon guava trees... now whenever I lift things or squeeze things I am left with a shooting pain up my arm...I likely will never seek medical advice, but if any one of my untrained, but well meaning friends has advice, I am listening. One friend has encouraged me to decide on a fitness goal. My first fitness goal is to never step foot in a mall again. My second fitness goal is to maintain the stamina and strength to play all day, flying kites, chasing chickens, taking walks, hoola hooping, swimming, dancing when I cook, jumping rope. My third fitness goal is to start liking me as I am.

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