Tuesday, April 29, 2003

This is not easy for me, but I have finally managed to return to the laptop and throw some more links on the page. Some time ago Geoff showed me how it's done, so it was also necessary for me to strain my brain and recall all the necessary moves.

This fellow Blogger, and chicken fan, found Chicken Blog in a Google search: Gator's Chicken Coup! Check out her lovely chicas. Alex is inspired to add to our flock.

When I first started researching hen houses and chicken coops I stumbled across these fun loving Aussie comics at Winsome Ridge. I want to write to them and thank them for affirming my dreams of being a "rancher!" Go straight to "Meet The Family," for a taste of their humor and affection.

Here are more Chicken sites I have enjoyed visiting: For coop inspiration. And to meet another chicken fan. Ever visit a hatchery?

Say, I think I've got this figured out! Learning feels good.

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