Monday, April 21, 2003

Eating Globally

Personally I easily could have gone on collecting snails; they are everywhere since the last rain and I have bagged many thousand. Anyway, I was absorbed in my gruesome task, when the boys began to circle. Evidently they've read their maintenance manuals and they know that a minimum of 3 meals, daily, is the going standard. In all fairness they are growing and food worthy, but I know I am not the only mother running out of bright ideas for appeasing three unique appetites. Allow me to digress for one moment: I hear readers scoffing at the notion that I literally serve 3 menus to keep the peace. I do not.

So, anyhow I had to feed the boys. Four consecutive meals of angel hair pasta is sort of bordering on negligence, not that they would complain. Suddenly I was struck by an inspiration and recall. Our freezer has spinach ravioli stashed away, and as I was looking for that I discovered a single serving spinach quiche, and a tray of spinach spanikopita. Excellent, because as a mother, and a teacher, I appreciate being able to serve a meal and a geography/culture lesson.

"Boys, where is ravioli from?" They answered correctly.
"How about spanikopita?" They answered doubtfully, "Mexico?"
"Who knows where quiche is from?" Not a clue, but they know now.
Three healthy, spinach dishes, three countries, three fed children. I must say, I am doing real good.

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