Saturday, April 26, 2003

Practically No Point At All

Yesterday, around 7a.m., while driving west to Alex's dental appointment, I thought of dozens of interesting and original subjects to write about and post for Chicken Blog. Now...I got nothin'. Or close to nothing.

Doh! I am waking up, slowly, and I just realized that once again I have logged on to the wrong machine and I won't be able to exert the effort to switch over to the laptop so that I can make a link to my new cyber-friend. Since Geoff inserted the "email me" link, a woman, mother, wife, fellow chicken lover and Blogger, found Chicken Blog in a Google search for "Chicken Blogs!" Now someone living outside of Seattle is sharing chicken tales and other anecdotes with me. I think we are both amused by the very idea that our paths have's almost like a web, all connected and thrown together in an international net of linked interests and common hobbies that spans the globe in an ever expanding universe of cross referenced information; there ought to be a name for this phenomenon!

Okay. Next time I Blog I will decipher the whole "make a link" code, then I will be able to introduce the first non-family, not obliged or coerced person that voluntarily admits to reading Chicken Blog! At this point I wish I could write, "My Happy Triumph" in Latin, because it would look sophisticated, while expressing my giddy glee! In lieu of Latin, I will make a happy face: 8-)

We have fun plans for the day, and I am riding high, because I cleaned house yesterday, and even did two rounds of garage excavation. I almost burst my own bubble by admitting that the "master" bedroom was neglected in my flurry of domesticity, but I refuse to humiliate and berate myself that way. I did good, and today I will celebrate.

One morning I found this waiting for me on the kitchen floor.
A cat, I suspect, left it there. It's buried now.

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kimsherrod said...

It kind of reminds me of a man taming a giant ant rising up out of the carpet and yarn basket made of sand and vomit.