Wednesday, April 23, 2003

We have mixed feelings about posting pictures of our children on the internet. Perhaps you believed I only photograph cats, daffodils, chickens and original Sponge Bob art, but we are just trying to be discreet. Last night Geoff added yet another technical ingenuity to our already fabulous Chicken Blog. And if you haven't figured it out already, it is semi-sorta secure. You gotta know the username and password. Email me and I will clue you in, or test your knowledge of our past: Where did Geoff and I date, and marry? We spent at least 24 anguished minutes thinking and debating the merits or short falls of dozens of passwords. I vetoed 'dead/aging pets' names.'

I need to figure out a better resolution for the photos. Too big and they take forever to download. Too small and Alex looks cross eyed. I may just revert to sending family pictures through email and continuing to publish pictures of carrots, limes and hencakes for all the world to see.

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