Tuesday, April 22, 2003


This little hencake came from the mix that Alex whipped up this morning. It seems we have three sons that enthusiastically want to be cooks. We have made pasta together, cookies, cream of broccoli soup and biscuits. Oh, and of course we made those clover leaf rolls...we still want to perfect that one!

Family in Wisconsin has been sharing Easter pictures with us. As usual it looks as though another low key, and family centered, fun time was had. We have plenty of cousins, aunts and uncles, so there is always something good going on at Grandma Nancy's house. And it seems this Summer there will be even more "Poor Family" fun, when Holly, Rich and Nicholas make their road trip to Alpine Village.

We haven't made any Summer plans for ourselves...it's hard to believe that Summer is nearly here. I may be rushing it a bit, but it can't be too soon to consider the possibilities. I think the major activity of our Summer will include enjoying the efforts of last Summer when we put in our pool, lawn, trees, irrigation, drainage and flowers. We ought to have an official "Pool Party"...maybe a luau or bbq or potluck or picnic theme. The boys could camp in the yard again too. Soon it will be Alex's birthday, and then Max's. Whether we travel or not, I think we will have many choices for our Summer days.

Well, it's time to lock up the chicas, check the rabbits, do some sit ups. Max and Alex are reading. William is fixing himself a baked potato; he couldn't eat earlier, since he is recovering from losing two teeth. Geoff is still at work...no wait...he's nearly home! Delightful. Good night.

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