Friday, June 13, 2003

All the campers are tucked in and some are tuckered out. William, Adam, Jacob and Roland are in the tent with glowing blue cyalumes (courtesy of Uncle Hans.) Max and Alex are under the stars with their glow sticks. The boys in the shelter told Max he is the bravest for sleeping in the open, but Max scoffs at their phobias, and announces confidently, "Besides, there's no such thing as the living dead."

Topics such as this are what motivate Alex to sleep outside, and away from the ghost stories. Geoff has joined the outdoor contingent. The moon is nearly full. Adam is dozy, Jacob is sound asleep. I hear Max laughing, and William getting irritable.

We swam and grilled turkey burgers. We ate chocolate cake, and some had pumpkin pie. Around the big round table we all sat eating our burgers, pop corn and celery, and playing the game "telephone." Even Nicholas and Max passed messages in whispers, and we all laughed at the nonsense that came out at the other end.

The moon is nearly full, the day was sunny and warm. It will be a cold dawn, but they are curled up and snug. Good camping boys. Good night.

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