Monday, June 09, 2003

June Gloom is an accepted weather pattern. Southern California experiences a few weeks of misty mornings and overcast days, that make it rather doubtful that we are on the brink of Summer. This year's gloom is gnarly; I mean it's overcast, misty, drizzly, cool and even cold. Feels more like an Autumn, or pre storm weather in the middle of February.

Last week Anne made chili and corn bread for dinner; totally a Fall feast. Saturday night we had a pie picnic and we had to sit on a sleeping bag and wear bunchy sweaters. We huddled together in the twilight mist eating our apple berry pie and talking about building a fire inside. No one lingered to watch for bats. There were no stars visible. No rising moon. The cats have abandoned their warm weather posts by the open windows. They are sleeping on our feet, near our bellies, under the covers.

I may watch television today or grab the newspaper, find the weather section. What's the word? Who knows the scoop, what's going on? Are the oceans rising? Is this the result of green house gases accumulating and polar ice caps melting? How soon before we can expect to stick to our car seats, start sweating as we come out of the shower, and buy grape popsicles in the bulk box. The supermarkets are promoting potato chips and Dixie Plates, home magazines are featuring lemonade and Fourth of July barbecues with checkered table cloths, bug spray and sun block. Until I see some blue sky, feel a little sunshine on my shoulders, I am staying in my wool socks and all picnics will be held fireside.

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