Thursday, June 12, 2003

We've picked out a pie, and bought party favors. His friends are invited for a Friday night swim and sleepover. My little Alex, the smiler, the soft spoken one with the heart melting grin is 9 years old today. He's been planning this day since March and looking forward, the way children do, to being one year older. I'm not ready. Of course I am not ready to host a party; there's a bit of house work to do. But I am really not ready to watch my boys get older. Why are they so precious at every stage that I just want to preserve them and stop time? Baby Alex was incredibly cute and cuddley. Toddler Alex carried Beanie Babies in a basket and was always full affection. All through kindergarten he wore his boots; he could assemble the most advanced Lego set and puzzles, he could care for a flower seed until it blossomed. I may not be ready, but I am grateful. Alex is a boy to be proud of and it is comforting to see that, though I wish he were still a little boy, he is growing to be a very capable and responsible big boy with new skills and new ambitions and as much affection and sweetness as ever. Happy Birthday to Alex and happy growing too!

A special poem was in the email box this morning. It came all the way from Hawaii, with perceptive insight and deep aloha:

Alex has a twinkle in his eye,
sometimes he's a funny, tricky guy,
but his heart is kind, he gives us joy,
he'll always be our sunny boy.

Alex loves guavas, burgers and fries,
chickens and Legos and fireflies.
He's kind to plants, small children too,
a friend to all, a real true blue.
He can handle his money and can save a dime.
He likes Bionicles too, but I no can rhyme.

Happy Birthday to Alex, one of the best,
I love you true, you know the rest.

Your Tutu

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