Sunday, August 03, 2003

All the way from Hawaii came a great poem about Max. I'm shakin' and bakin', busy makin a party for my Max...Tutu Blogs for us today:

Here are some fax about Max

Max likes Legos and books and yogurt and nuts,
Horses and kitties, and tiny geckos and such.
He's a champion gymnast, he jumps and he leaps,
And he likes a good party, with cake, soda and treats.

Max likes to lead, he points left and right,
He's smart and he's strong, he's got brains with his might,
Explorer, mapmaker, what will he be?
Where his talents will lead him we shall see.

Sometimes Max visits Hawaii, that's a fact,
Poppa Corn Man and Tutu really like that.
Happy Birthday to Max, you're five right on time.
Aloha and love, now I must end this rhyme.

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