Friday, August 08, 2003


Early this morning I was up and writing about myself and mediocrity. After uncovering stashes of college papers I was forced to conclude that I was a mediocre student. At least I performed mediocre work. I doubt that it was a reflection of my actual intelligence (would I admit to that?) I think I was satisfied to complete assignments and move on. I wrote extensively on all of this, but it was too insightful and brilliant and gave me the feeling of walking through Target in my underwear, so I will not publish it.


Update on the whole ride to the mountains: The woman representing the PBS auction called yesterday. She was giddy with success. It seems that after several months she has found a car for the drive, and discovered a free day for both parties to participate. In a couple of weeks I will be picked up, not in a Rolls but in an '82 Ferrari, and whisked off for an informative driving tour of our local foothills and mountains. This is a gift to me from Geoff. It was meant to be a funny means of supporting Public Radio, and an opportunity for me to do something wholly unique. Geoff and I shared our joke and enjoyed the laugh, but the rest of it, so far, has only been mildly irritating. The only part of the process that was fast and efficient was when they charged our credit card. Since then it has been like an egg hunt, and I am getting bored with searching; after a long hot Summer things begin to spoil, and the thrill of the prize is less inviting.

Geoff says the Rolls would have been like riding in a glorified Crown Vic., and that a Ferrari is far superior. He added that his was a decidedly male perspective. I can only picture Magnum PI. Which is cool. Wasn't it a Ferrari that he toured around Oahu in, in the 80's? Well, that leaves only two questions in this woman's mind: Color and safety. I guess it will be either red or black. Geoff was sketchy on the topic of safety and concluded that Ferrari does not come up in the top 25% of safe vehicles. Not so good. I am particular about risk.

Tomorrow is the Tilili family reunion. We plan to get there early, since we want space to park our behemoth Green Goose. The reunion is an all day event and not in a good swimming spot, so I think we will need the luxury of our retreat. This will contrast mightily with the get together 2 years ago in Rosarito. I took the boys in the Suburban, and we spent the weekend living in the Big Blue Whale, in the parking lot of a beach motel. Again, the swimming situation was iffy, and our toilet/cold shower facilities were available through the generosity of actual motel guests. We were forced to choose between ventilation and being the live banquet for mosquitos, as we squeezed in for the night in the car. Where was my husband? He missed all the fun and bonding.

I must someday Blog about where all these Tililis come from...Sonora, El is far away. It is far, far away.

If you're going, it helps to have a horse.

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