Thursday, August 07, 2003

What's happening: I am waiting for the movers to arrive (between 8 and 9:30 a.m.) They are coming for Grandmother's things, like her bed and clothes, some bookcases and her rocking chair. They tried to come earlier this week, but somehow they had the wrong house number and the wrong phone number; after spending 20 minutes on hold for their dispatcher, twice, everything was figured out. We'll see. I am curious to see whether they can maneuver a big truck up our driveway. I hope not, because our driveway has suffered enough heavy traffic.

By the end of the day the room will be nearly empty. Grandma is leaving behind the 2 armoires we lent her, and we already moved all our games and puzzles in to them. Diego goes in there and stares at the walls. I can tell he misses Grandmother, and her slippers, and her Beanie Babies. Max misses the Grandmas; he told me so the other day. He thinks they should visit. Me too.

Other happenings include continued clearing of the garage (it's a big garage,) and caring for Alex, who has an evil virus. He has had fever and chills, and a sore throat. Happily he seems much improved this morning, and no one else seems to be getting the bug. Also, I am mentally preparing for Saturday's annual family reunion- the Tilili side. It is an all day affair, and family comes from both sides (there's a border in the way.) The food will be awesome, the politics perplexing and by the end of the day I will be relaxed and nostalgic, sentimental and homesick for El Valle, Ojo de Agua, riding in pick-ups, singing in the church, and the sounds of Abuela in the kitchen making tortillas.

I may be new to our Rancho, but ranchos are not new to me.
Sonora, Mexico about 1970

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