Wednesday, April 18, 2007

As everyone is anxious to know how the contest is going, and where I stand in the race to fame and success, I announce that as of 6:55 a.m. I have 3 VOTES. Read 'em and weep! 3 votes, and a dear friend in the Philippines aching to know how she can cast her vote. (Tarie you are a sweetheart!)

So how do you vote?
No, seriously, how do you vote?
I know you have to sign-in and create an account.
I know you have to do a search and find Chickenblog.
I know you have to log in and enter a password.
My server won't let me sign-in and vote! It's not cheating. Hey, don't look so disappointed. We already discussed this... I have no pride and this is a shameless campaign of self promotion for my own amusement.

There is no instrument of torture I could use, no amount of pleading, bribing or begging I could do, to round up 200 or so, interested or annoyed friends, acquaintances or homeless people to vote for me. Even our wedding only drew about 108 guests, and 12 of them were complete strangers.

Yes, the campaign trail is tough and only the quick, clever and enterprising will come out on top. That's okay with me. It turns out I got kind of nervous thinking of attracting a lot of attention to Chickenblog. I think, honestly, that coming in under the radar is more my style. I used to send out a lot of individual emails to friends and family, and I really wanted to maintain a connection with people I cannot visit regularly. I still want to be connected and that was the main reason for starting Chickenblog in the first place, so that I can share updates and my ups, downs and sideways thinking with interested friends and family. My highest hope is that Chickenblog becomes an open hall for exchanges and dialogue, as though we were sitting around the kitchen table together, laughing, supporting one another, and delighting in each other's company. So, though I am nominated in like 5 different categories, I don't think I am qualified for top honors in any of those. I think I will accept: "Quietest Blog, Here for the Long Haul"

Now, time to make breakfast, pack lunches, clean cat barf, and get beautiful for the day ahead.


Tarie said...

I've voted for you already! You truly deserve the Best Parenting Blog and Best Photography Blog awards! =) Not that that means you don't do great in the other categories too. ;)

kimberly sherrod said...

Natalie: That is so funny- sometimes, especially after I go visit some blogs "who shall remain nameless" but we know who they are (the ones with 45+ comments on every sentence) I feel like such a loser. Maybe we can make up a Lasting Loser Blog Awards. I can't believe you have been Blogging for 5 years! Wow! That seems like a very, very long time. You should get an award just for that and your honesty. I like it. I am not sure what makes a blog successful short of begging people to put you on their sidebar- I know that the more people who read me the more peolpe leave a comment. I am on a bribery campaign myself, at the moment (teehee) maybe you can give away some chickens? I will go vote for you- just because you left a comment on my blog and I love your honesty and perserverance! Rock on ChickenGirl! (my Brother's nickname for me has been chickenhead for as long as I can remember)

Natalie said...

Hey! Nice to meet you and thank you so much for your kind remarks and your votes! Wow! You brough me up to a double digit, and I'll proabably post about that real soon. Ya, I have to say blogging is starting smell like high school, another time when I wasn't popular and I kind of scratched my head wondering about 'what is that makes some people draw a crowd?' No matter... blogging is worth it just to come across nice people like you. I like your chicken giveaway... sounds like fun... hmmm...