Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Best Animal Blogger" presents: Toby Otis!

Since his official adoption announcement went out yesterday, I can now share in celebrating Toby Otis finding his way into his new and wonderful home. You can find this little honey of a dog living with Anne, Adam, Jacob and Dave, oh, yes, and Patrick el Gato, of course. He is a devoted and sweet four year old beagle mix. What a lucky family.

I think it's because of Toby's earnest expression and Anne's generous, tireless campaigning, that my vote count, in the category of "Best Animal Blogger," has, literally, shot up to 6! I am grateful, truly. It's not easy to vote. There are hoops to leap through and forms to fill out. I still haven't figured out a way to stuff the ballot box with my own X. So, if you are like my Mom, and feel queasy or unsure in the face of blogosphere culture and technology, then take heart, drop me a line... it's the thought that counts, right? And thank you Tarie, for your kind support, and Holly, you too (I would gladly link to your genius, talent and skill any day.) Geoff, darling, thank you for your vote and always for your technical support (he's even virtually designed my next iMac. True love.) And last but not least, Aziz, in India. You are a voting fool (American idiom, meaning you have voted a lot, like a raging ballot stuffer. It's cool.) and a total stranger and I appreciate the gesture. Thank you.

Now back to parenting, house cleaning, cooking

and entertaining the locals with my wit and eloquence.

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Tarie said...

You're very welcome! =) Have a good weekend!