Monday, April 16, 2007

It turns out, ships really did have rams. Look it up.

Here at Cramalot a lot of conversations are about life in medieval times, so it isn't surprising that just last week we were talking about medieval dinners, like mutton. We talked about eating without utensils, and drinking mead, and we made mutton jokes, which is what we were doing when William asked something like, "Hey, did they have rams on the prows of ships?" This was a non-sequitur, and as I was still thinking of mutton and other sheep, an image came to mind, that I immediately described to Alex and William. Naturally, I do not expect you to laugh as hard as we did (these sorts of hilarities rarely transcribe well.) So when we were nearly done busting up, I begged Alex to draw me a ship with a very large and hapless ram, not a beam of wood meant to forcefully ram another ship, but a wooly mammal in a tight bind.

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Tarie said...

You guys are such a great family. =)