Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Maria would say cute-cute, if she could get her hands on one of these doll quilts being made at Turkey Feathers I would have to agree with her. Anne, would we have any business, or time, making cute-cute little quilts? Anne and I are committed to starting quilts. Soon, right? So, if you follow the link to "Turkey Feathers" you are going to discover some serious craftiness, which is what I keep discovering all over the blogosphere, like the very inspiring Alicia at "Posie Gets Cozy." For a meditative experience and artful inspiration, I love to visit Firefly at "I Live on a Farm." She writes, take beautiful photographs, knits and paints and creates cute-cute things. She also finds beauty in the smallest details, which is uplifting. If stitching and painting aren't your thing, then consider getting dirty! Seriously, get dirty, because it may boost your mood and improve your immunity. I have long known the joy of getting my hands in garden soil, and I've even believed that a year without a garden is a sad and risky proposition.

Maria is singing her song: "Happy day, happy day cake! Happy day, happy day cookie. Happy cake. Happy cookie! Happy frog!" It's beautiful.

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Tarie said...

Re: your profile: I love Howl's Moving Castle, Switchfoot, and Christmas music too! =) Firefly's blog seems interesting. I'll check it out later. =)