Wednesday, June 13, 2007


We have been planning, designing, constructing, sewing, painting and cooking and we have been amusing ourselves with Monty Python references and allusions. In other words, we have been cramming a lot in, and we still have our regular duties and school to attend to. Could this be why I am feeling a wee bit frazzled? I am looking forward to the one week between the end of school and my week at Camp Taqueria, when I can catch my breath and not have to race to meet any more deadlines or rush out the door to fulfill an obligation. Who am I kidding? I'm sure I'll be almost as busy, preparing and packing for 9 days of road trip, camping and learning the inside deal on running a taqueria. The extra effort this week is for the medieval birthday party. The castle piñ... hold on... let's keep some of this a surprise. Let's just say we're ready to have fun.

Some sweet people left Alex birthday wishes. Thank you. On his actual birthday we worked as a family on the awesome party surprise... it got so late we were working by lantern light, which seemed fitting for a medieval project. There was some cake left and we ate it, after singing to Alex. If I didn't express clearly enough what a cool kid he is... at school when everyone had their cake slice and the crowds dispersed, Alex asked if we could share the rest of the cake with the construction crew that's working on the campus. They gratefully accepted half of the cake and we took home the last 6 slices for our family.

Tomorrow school is full of closing programs and ceremonies and recognition time... and then Friday there is a Father's Day activity at lunch time. And then... and then it's over? I think so. This is probably a good time to update my To Do list, because I have a swarm of *don't forget* messages buzzing around my head. Don't forget to bring Max's music book to keyboard. Don't forget to buy DVD holders and pass out the slide shows to teachers. Don't forget to ask for Betty's email, so you can send her those cute pictures of her daughter. Don't forget to mail the bills. Clean the car, figure out how to be at both Max's end of year ceremony and Alex's recognition ceremony, which are both at 1 p.m. Make more food for Saturday. What am I forgetting?

I'm forgetting a lot, like sending Father's day cards and finishing our passport applications, watching the Lego video Tarie sent me. Sigh. This is the good stuff, our full lives. It's hectic and all, but we're healthy and we care about one another, so I'll keep trying to get organized and be more timely, and efficient. Messes come and go, deadlines are met or at least we do our best, and so I will not be distressed about whatever it is that I am forgetting or have left out.

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Tarie said...

A castle pinata? :) The combined medieval/Mexican theme you guys have got going on is cool! It works!