Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We Have Company!

Calamity Kim has been singing praises about Chickenblog, and sending her friends this way. It's like the doorbell ringing, when you thought you were going to spend the day alone in the laundry room.

Oh, my goodness!

I wasn't expecting company.

Is there anything in my teeth?

Is the house decent... oh bother, we know the answer to that.

Please come in and don't mind the state of things. We are busy living and playing, and being amused by all that comes in a home with 2 cats, 4 children, some goldfish and a rabbit.

I was just at school, where William and I brought pizza and cake to the middle school class and teachers, in honor of Alex's 13th birthday! Sometimes I assign myself moments of craziness, but the results are well worth it. All year long I swell with pride when I look on my children, and for their birthdays it's a joy and honor to treat them to an extra abundance of affection and indulgences. William and Maria helped me, Costco too, and I think it was a big hit. Somehow it became a policy that everyone had to sing for their cake slice and we had some very endearing and some very silly renditions of "happy birthday." Mr. P. was the last to join us and he sang his Beatles' version accompanied by his own guitar playing! It was awesome.

And I am off again. Back to school. I made a DVD slide show of the entire school year (whew!) and I am due at the premiere in 30 minutes. Actually I am just sharing it with the middle school class. I hope they like it.

I do feel as though I am leaving with visitors sitting around my kitchen table... so rude. Please excuse me. I'll be right back, we can talk then, and in the meantime, thank you Kim for thinking so highly and kindly of Chickenblog. Have a look around.

Don't mind Chango. He wants the milk from Maria's cereal bowl. Naughty kitty.


kimberly sherrod said...

oh, please, don't mind me and my peeps! We just came to say hi!

Natalie said...

You are more than welcome. Thanks for dropping by.

Barb said...

Hi...Kim sent me by to say hello. I'm on the west coast, too, but further north in British Columbia. I just spent the last twenty minutes reading your posts and I'm smitten. Thanks for letting me drop in.

Tarie said...

Wow, you really make motherhood look FUN. :)