Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Alex

We are still excited about our one afternoon on Lake New Melones; our first time tubing! What a blast.

I don't have a scanner, which I could use to upload dozens of baby pictures of my Alex. Cute. Oh my God, he was the cutest baby. He smiled all the time, like a curly topped cherub. His cheerful demeanor filled my heart... nothing's changed. This child, my son Alex, is good. He is kind and intelligent, he acts thoughtfully, in accordance with his convictions and beliefs. He has internalized values and morals that even some adults struggle to achieve. He is inventive and dedicated to learning. I am not straining to think of nice things to say about him. I am trying to not sound disingenuous, like I am overly proud. My children are my blessings, my dreams coming true and I hold them dear. They fill my days, my heart and my soul with reasons to rejoice and give thanks.

Alex, happy birthday. You are destined for greatness, the kind that fills your life with deep satisfaction, surrounds you with lasting friendships, caring family and comfort. Thank you mi'jo. Thank you for everything you do and are. We love you.


kimberly sherrod said...

happy, happy birthday! On this your special day! happy, happy birthday, that's what we came to say! Happy Happy Birthday, may all your dream's come true!!! happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you!!!! Looks like you had some fun today!!! have some mo0re cake for me!!!

Natalie said...

I sang your comment to Alex and he smiled shyly, something like in this picture, saying "That's so sweet."

Tarie said...

Happy Birthday, Alex! May God bless you! :)

newrustic said...

This is a truly beautiful post. Happy birthday, Alex.