Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Feel of Summer

We are unwinding. We are busy, running errands and doing chores, and yet it feels good to be doing things on our own terms. Max misses the rubber tree, but the other day he reached new heights in the ficus tree. Maria and I sat beneath the tree and sorted through our thrift shop finds.

Besides the Tupperware toy and the copper chicken, I found two blouses for Maria. And I found shams. I've never owned a sham, though I've admired many in catalogs, especially the quilted ones. These two looked only gently used and I couldn't resist the cool, fresh summer colors.

I don't believe this sham was ever used; it's tags were stiff and newish. Last night I added the freshly laundered shams to our bed and topped a thin blanket with a plain white sheet, so that the whole bed looks like a cool, inviting summer meadow. Ahh, much better. I hadn't really thought about today being the first day of summer... everything just happened because it felt like the right time.

The yard has the feel of summer. Hydrangeas are blooming and sweetpeas are fading. Wouldn't it be nice to have a garden bed with tomatoes and basil, a few peppers? One needs a garden to really feel summer.

And a tree to climb. Trees are ideal for a summery feeling. Porches, fresh lemonade, sprinklers, wide open windows, running in the yard as the late summer sun dips in to the sea...

Summer is for outdoor dinners and finding noonday shade, popsicles, swimming pools, fruit, exploring road maps and roadside stands, air-conditioned theaters, long days in parks, playing tag after dark. Summer is for endless hours being with the ones you love and feeling as light and bright as the blue sky above... that's my wish, for you, for me, for us all.


  1. Hi Natalie...

    Happy first day of Summer to you and your family... The shams are beautiful, what a great find... My hubby and I will be going thrifty shopping this weekend; I hope I find something just as beautiful. There is nothing like finding something lovely and know you got a great deal. I love it!


  2. Hello Beverly. Thrifting... it is fun, isn't it? I like being open to the unexpected. It's not always successful, but it's such a kick to find a perfect fit. Share you finds... I'll be checking Tea Time.

  3. Purrrtty shams. Popsicles!!! And amen to endless hours with loved ones. :)

  4. Well that does it - I've found a kindred spirit! My love for shams - only the quilted ones - is boundless!! I will post a photo of mine on my site soon as proof! What a thrill it must have been to find yours in such perfect condition.

    And this post is just dripping with summer - I love it. You're so right - there is something about the endlessness of it all (even though it's so short for us Canadians!). Thank you for another bright spot to my day!


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