Monday, June 18, 2007

Spinning My Web

One component of blogging that I like to remember is sharing. This is the World Wide Web and a good blogger is like a spider, always adding to the web, building the connections and links, sharing the network. So, when I find interesting news, helpful articles and blogs that I like, well I like to share them.

I guess it's not hard to figure out some of my interests from the blogs I frequent. Mary, at "New Rustic," is just starting out with her blog. I like her style. She's looking ahead to the day when they can grow crops and enjoy some farm animals... sounds good to me. In the meantime she's taking on an intriguing challenge proposed by Liz at "Pocket Farm." It's called "One Local Summer" Anne, we should sign up for this one: Once a week eat a dinner from only locally grown/produced foods and post about it on your blog! My friend Anne is already on her way to better eating, local and organic. I'll have to get some tips from her.

Another blogger, new to the scene, is Debbie. She writes "Creative Ramblings," about her life in SW Florida. Let's see... she quilts, she has a new camera and she's a friend of Calamity Kim, who is always sending me good news and encouragement. Kim helped me meet other nice people like Tami in Sunnyvale, CA. Her Lemon Tree Tales is full of creative whimsy.

Do you know what a "Pocha" is? I had an idea, but wanted to be sure exactly what insult I was bearing when my uncle chided me and my inferior Spanish. So, I turned to Google and discovered "Urban Dictionary," and I was right... my tio was dissing me and my Spanglish. Gracias tio, muy amable. What else have I learned about myself? What can you learn about yourself? Try this Personal DNA quiz. It's a unique (free) personality test, with colorful results. It turns out I am a


New Rustic said...

Wow, thanks for the mention, Natalie! Such an honour! I hope you and Anne sign up for One Local Summer - I can't wait! Thanks for the great links :)

Tarie said...

The "generous idealist" was so obvious. *giggle* :)

Chicken Betty said...

So funny you mentioned eating local. Here in the Pioneer Valley we would call you a "Local Hero". There are bumperstickers and T-shirts to wear that say you support local farms and businesses - I love it. The hubby and I are cooking up a local foods challemge for the summer - stay tuned.

Natalie said...

Tarie you're too sweet! And New Rustic, you're sweet thinking I've honoured you... it's my pleasure to share interesting blogs. I love the "Local Hero" bit! That's so cool. I am going to be on the lookout for Chicken Betty's local foods challenge.