Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Paper Dragons and Copper Chickens

Our first summer day out took us east, where we stumbled upon the Origami collection at the Mingei Museum. It was third Tuesday free day! We easily found parking! I love it when good things coincide to make my life interesting and easy.

I love it when we discover something unique and intricate that makes us gaze with admiration, like folded paper dragonflies.

Alex and I like this wasp.

Max, our resident Origamist, would not look at the displays. He was in a mood. He sat on a bench and stared at the street outside the main entrance. Sometimes Asperger's Syndrome can be so vexing, but I've learned to give him his space and allow him to cope with the world as best he can. While he sat, we marveled at paper boxes, and the creases and folds of paper snow.

This is one of the few I thought I could readily try for myself.

I would like to try making these paper boxes. The shapes are lovely, but I think the prints on the paper make it especially engaging.

This can't be from a single square of paper, can it? I think the curator could have given more information about the processes involved in some of these.

Max said, "Other people's creations aren't as interesting to me as what I can compose myself." And so he was happy to find a table, where he could make his own origami. He made a finger puppet in the image of a fox's head.

Alex made a swan. I bought paper to bring home. I'll Google 'origami boxes.'

We picked up sandwiches from our favorite market, where Manuel still knows the children's names and he fed them Fuji apples. We haven't lived in that neighborhood in 4 years, but I love going back to Major Market. After our parking lot picnic, I took the children to my new favorite thrift shop. It's huge and always unbelievably busy. I have to loop and wait for a parking space. Unlike Anthropologie, where cool things are meant to look flea market hip, the thrift store is packed with undiscovered treasures that can be brought home for pennies on the dollar.

Everyday at the thrift store is a new day in discovery. The inventory changes hourly. Yes, there is a lot of crap, and tasteless things too. There are also unexpected finds, like the slot machine Max wanted. We passed on the slot machine and bought a very nice pair of binoculars instead.

I like it when they sort things by color, so you can look on a rainbow aisle of shirts, or blue spatterware.

Themes are fun too, like this Pez collection. And the best part is finding something in good condition, something for .95 cents, something you know you can use and enjoy.

When it's just right it feels like you've won a prize

and it feels good to find the right fit.

I came home with Pyrex mixing bowls, little ones. I've been wanting some small bowls, and these are sturdy and cheerful.

Sometimes you have to splurge a bit when you find something that's too appealing to pass up. For $1.95 this copper chicken came home with us.

Today we go to Maria's dance class, and the boys will get their first chance to see Maria in school. Then we take our car for a tune-up, in preparation for our road trip. We've been doing lots of little things to get ready. The tent is pitched in our living room. Max and I tested our tent skills and made sure it's complete and sound. I found the camp stove. We need propane and one more sleeping bag. The week will be full. How is you summer starting off?


Mary said...

Ahhh...I feel like I've been to an origami museum and the world's best thrift store...thanks for the getaway! These are beautiful photos. And I would have bought that copper chicken, too!

Natalie said...

I could write an entire post about the pleasure of finding comments. Thank you Mary. I enjoy knowing that someone wants to join the conversation!

kristin said...

it was fun to find you on this evening stroll through blogland... : )

Marisa said...

It's pretty crazy what you can do with paper. That's nuts and beautiful!

Natalie said...

Speaking of beautiful: Follow the link to see the beautiful cathedral windows quilt Marisa made. Wouldn't you love to be her partner in the Quilt Swap? Her windows remind me very much of the white origami flower.

Tarie said...

Great origami, thrift store, and thrift store finds! I'm glad you guys are having a great summer. :)

Mary said...

The pleasure is all mine, Natalie!! I feel lucky to have discovered your blog and look forward to every conversation :)