Friday, June 22, 2007

Write About Your State

Firefly's Pike's Peak Promise Project is coming up. Remember? On July 4th, bloggers across the country are going to link up and share their home states. There are a lot of states unspoken for and I think even the states that are spoken for could be represented by more people. I volunteered to post about California, and, as I am discovering, that is a lot of ground to cover. This morning I started organizing pictures that represent my state and I am trying to organize my thoughts too. What to emphasize? What to exclude? I think I want to explore art and culture, nature and discovery, and the people of California. Then I thought I could try a California alphabet... A to Z California specialties. I have some work to do.

+ I need to decide on my Doll Quilt design!
Doll Quilt Swap
Last night I was wrapped up in the thought of trying a cathedral windows quilt, like the one I found at Marisa's Quilt Otaku. I think this is a beautiful design. I wonder whether I could make one, and I wonder if I could make it small. Anne is waiting for a turn at the sewing machine, and cathedral windows is all hand stitching, so it could be ideal to take along on a road trip. So many decisions. So much fun.

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