Monday, October 22, 2007

Again? Really?

We are looking at a completely brown sky, listening to howling winds, and monitoring every news broadcast in San Diego County. I suppose nationally, the news can't stop brooadcasting the Malibu fire, where there are famous people, but once again San Diego is in big trouble... worse than '96, and (is it possible?) worse than '03. Here's one account of what's happening with the eight out of control fires in our county. We've seen this before and I can tell it is worse... the winds blew hard all night, there are more fires... No school today. Many friends in evacuation areas...

Um. It's weird to be in this situation, because it's easy to feel alarmist and yet the conditions are prime for catastrophic scenarios. Seriously.

I have already seen news coverage of familiar places burning, places we were just visiting. Adjacent neighborhoods are being evacuated, and the offical statement from county officials, the sheriff's office and the fire department is that the fire is 0% contained, out of control, cannot be fought on the ground or from the air, and will only worsen with these wind patterns and low humidity. Worsen.


Andylynne said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you. I have followed the fires today. My sister lives in Oceanside and has no where to go at this point. All the freeways are closed from her area. she says it's the worst she has ever seen. I grew up in So. California, and have had many scares with brush fires. But this looks bad.
Stay safe and take care, I will be thinking about you and yours as this developes.

Julie said...

I should've just come here to read about how you were doing instead of emailing.

FWIW, NBC has covered your area. Keep safe.