Saturday, October 27, 2007

Creative Distractions

When Alex chose his big pumpkin, he had big plans. Geoff watched the artful and disturbing "Pan's Labyrinth" with Alex and William, and from the movie Alex was inspired to create his own El Fauno in Jack'o lantern form. Alex chose the design and transfered it to the pumpkin and then William did the carving, which he had to improvise a bit, because the ink sketch kept wiping off. I am so happy we have a camera... the pumpkin is rotting already, but we can always enjoy the memory of this haunting-Halloween magic pumpkin.

Maria stays busy all day. She likes to cook and host tea parties, she loves playing with dough... Anne commented about how long Maria is happy to play with her dough and tools. She played for 5 hours! Want a terrific dough recipe?... scroll past the rant to find all the particulars for making non-stinky, fun dough. Maria also likes to cut paper, paint, color, draw, run... she runs a lot, and she loves the beach.

Last week, when Geoff was sprucing the yard with help from his 3 sons, Max had floral design inspiration. He wanted to open a shop where he could sell his creative combinations of tomatillos, agapanthus leaves, cape honeysuckle, ficus leaves, society garlic blossoms and sticks.

He was learning the names of these plants and asking about their toxin factors. I think it would be fun to take him to floral wholesaler and work with him on big arrangements... maybe something for Thanksgiving. I used to make floral arrangements. It was fun.

So many ways to play... what joy!


Lisa said...

Fantastic job on the pumpkin. Now that's fancy!

Anna Banana said...

Why doesn't that pumpkin just fall apart? Are you sure that's not CG? Wow, very impressive!

Tracy said...

That is one spooky, different and wonderful jack o' lantern! What a marvelously creative family you have--everyone has super talents and tastes. It must be a terrific thing to see you children growing and exploring themselves and the world. Lovely to see you posting regualarly inspite of all that's happening out there :o) Thoughts and prayers continue...Oh, stop by and see me when you can. I have an award for you! :o) Happy day to you all ((HUGS))

~Niki~ said...

Awesome pumpkin!

Janece said...

Marvelous pumpkin! I need to show it to Paul. He'll love it.

And thanks for the pointer to the dough recipe. Do you just use food coloring?

Is the air quality improving at all?

Julie said...

Creative and talented bunch of kidlets you have there.

Andylynne said...

Your kids ARE talented! I like the pumpkin, Martha Stewart has nothing on your kids :) It is nice to see the art of Ikebana is alive and well.