Sunday, October 21, 2007

In Stitches

Instead of complaining that I was cleaning, all alone, and whining about unpacking boxes, because we still haven't moved-in completely, rather than plummet into a deep funk about life's futility and frustrations... instead of all of that, I am going to share what I found in one of those unpacked boxes. I am going to reflect on the silver felt lining. When Maria was nearly a year old and the children were home, unschooling at the TreeHouse, I introduced them to applique, embroidery and acrylic felt. Tamsyn was with us too, up from her house and hanging out. I wonder if she remembers when we did this little project.

I wish I knew where their projects are. They made reindeer and trees and other charming symbols of the season. Maria was crawling around, and Alex, Max and Tamsyn were keeping me busy threading needles and ironing on little felt pieces, untangling floss, and of course I was as eager to play as they were, so I was making my own little felt community. We thought they might be little pockets or ornaments for the tree. I remember the room was a mess. How can such a little project make such a huge mess? Who cares? It's all in the past, and the good memories, the experience is what remains.

Every time we move, the upheaval is so pervasive that a lot gets lost, misplaced and forgotten... I am not whining. This is an observation. Anyway, my sewing and crafty career has been derailed many, many times and I lose track of what I've done and what supplies I have stashed away. LOL I have way more WIPs than I knew!

I wish I had known the difference between acrylic felt and wool felt when I put the time into these little winter scenes. I was aware that wool is better, but none of our local fabric stores carries the good stuff, and I was enchanted with the color choices and ready affordability of cheap acrylic squares... I'm sure I have 99 acrylic squares packed in another box in the garage! My mind is buzzing and humming with ideas and plans... I want to pick-up a threaded needle and go! I'll meet-up with Julie and Kim and we can all embroider together. Synchronized Stitching! What fun.

OKay, back to cleaning. Just enough to satisfy the board of health... then I am off to find wool felt... tee hee


  1. Those are so cute! It's good to take a break from cleaning.

  2. These are wonderful.

    Forgive my uncraftiness here... but what do you with them next? Are they sewn into something else? Or hung/displayed as is?

  3. Akk! You've shone the light on my crafty absurdity. I only got as far as sewing them, but never thought ahead to *Purpose.* LOL Acrylic is junk if washed or used, so it will have to be for something *Look, don't touch!* Maybe ornaments? Suggestions?

  4. Those are really nice. Good job for just playing around with the kids, lol.

    How big are the pieces? You could back them with fabric and stuff with a little batting to make ornaments. Or you could sew them onto a square of fabric, then back with another square of fabric and have pillows.

    I could even see the two girls flanking the trees in a triptych, either in a frame or on a pillow.

  5. They are 4.5" squares and and I agree that they are good ornament material... but the triptych framing idea is intriguing, since I think they will not last long if handled too much...
    Oh the choices, the options, the lack of free time! lol

  6. Those are just adorable! I wish I had some extra time to make some!:)

  7. Dude! I'm back from the retreat where I touched the feminine face of God! I went to a workshop called Bad Girls of the Bible and hung out with the Stitch and Bitch crowd. You woulda loved it. Talk soon!


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