Friday, October 26, 2007

Can't Believe It's Friday

Today is all about staying sane and looking for our routine... wait, I just remembered we never had a routine! Just kidding. We have never been a super-disciplined family, but I look forward to returning to our own brand of chaos, and leaving soot, smoke and sore throats in the past. I keep meaning to show up at an evacuation center, but with four children it's difficult to make myself a community volunteer, so I will continue to act locally.

Since I am not thinking-up deep thoughts, I'll share some links...

Fire Safety is the name of the game and this Escondido resident has some good advice. Fire Safety Begins at Home

Or, if you are a special member of our sadly polarizing society you may be enjoying this service... private fire fighters for the castle crowd.

Remember my confusion about how to save the planet and have a China-free Christmas? Well, Jennifer, of "Infinity More Monkeys," has some helpful thoughts and ideas about the subject... she helped me focus on my motivation.

Finally, if you really need to escape, there's always bird watching.

Be safe.

2 p.m.
More good news!
From my cousin Debbie, in Colorado, news that their local Red Cross volunteers have been very busy helping San Diego fire evacuees. Isn't that wonderful? They've been down at Petco Park, and cooking for families in Valley Center, with the help of First Baptist Kitchen.


nikkipolani said...

Funny, I just heard about the service you mentioned for the "castle crowd". I was thinking it's a cool business idea -- until the announcer mentioned it's being offered in ritzier zipcodes. I wonder how much it costs.

Marisa said...

We're down visiting So Cal this weekend, and it really isn't so good here. A friend of a friend lost their primary home as well as their cabin in think a happy though for thos folks. Anyhow, I'm certainly thankful for people who jump in and lend a helping hand. That's the work of angels!