Friday, May 22, 2009

Don't Tell Geoff

I am silly. Geoff knows that. I am silly to confess my weaknesses and big secrets here on Chickenblog. I don't know why I do it. Is it good for the soul? Do I need to open up and spill my deepest thoughts? I guess so, 'cause here I go again.

See my apron? See the big pockets and the wrap around the back fit? This apron is amazing. It has powers. Powers I cannot explain. I know it's the apron, because clean-up skills have never been mine to boast of. So the power is this: When I put this apron on, I get things done.

If Geoff catches wind of this he'll fly to Michigan and beg Missy-Spring Bean Thing to sew six more. A fresh and cleaning potent one to wear every day of the week.

So, shhh.

When I put this apron on, I get things done. I collect odds and ends in the ample pockets. I worry less about staining, tearing, soiling, mussing or messing my outfit of the day. I am reminded that someone was generous and friendly and really sweet to send me such a nice gift, and it makes me smile, even if I am scraping cheese from dinner plates or collecting stiff socks from the four corners of the living room. Superman has his cape and Wonder Woman has her lasso. I have my roomy, comfy, cheery, big pocket apron, and it is super.

Chango says, "Lady. Open the door already. Then change the litter, fill my food bowl, get the bed made, file those papers you left on the floor, and lose that goofy grin."


warren said...

My Grandma used to wear an apron much like yours and dang if she didn't get a whole lot done in it too! I think aprons must truly have super powers. She had many and wore them all the time. Always bright and wild colored for sure!

Yours look great too!

judy in ky said...

I need an apron like that! (Truly... believe me.)

Chango made me laugh out loud! (One of the best attributes of cats, I think.)

Sara said...

What a fantastic cape...I mean apron! I think I need one of those.

natalie said...

You're cute toO!

tara said...

You are awesome!!!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Love the apron, I will need to get one. Especially if it has magic powers.

Hugs :)


Jennifer said...

Wonderful to be able to come by here, finally, and to see your smiling, happy face. I'm impressed not only by the apron's cleaning powers, but also by its empowering you in posting such beautiful photos of YOU!

Oiyi said...

It sounds like you have a magical apron! That's great.

trisha too said...

that apron is beautiful; with it on, you absolutely radiate "getting things done!"

(what a coincidence! our cats have said pretty much the exact same thing to me more than once . . .)

and thank you for saying hi at my blog--i haven't been online much lately, and have missed blog snooping. it was fun to stop by here again and see what's up with Natalie at the Chicken Blog! :)

Julie said...

I LOVE it!! You are so f-u-n! Love the apron but love the pictures of you in it even more. Thanks for making me smile. :)

Lesley said...

Aprons have the same effect on me. I feel like a serious house-cleaner when I'm wearing one and I get so much done. Like GT stripes on a car that make it go faster, I guess!
Love catching up with you at last, and all the kida. Maria gets more beautiful!
I particularly love the Australian animals you showed a while ago, from the SDZ. And I have pics of that exact same camel — it always seems to be mid-moult!
Oh — and the Cove at La Jolla. Went there with Laura and her husband two years ago. So very beautiful!
I'll post some pics of where I live soon. Like, tomorrow, promise!

Lesley said...

Please forgive me if you get this twice, but I seem to have mashed the earlier comment box.
I was saying that an apron has the exact same effect on me – must be the same principle that makes cars go faster when they have GT stripes!
And Maria looks more beautiful every time you post pics. So wonderful to have the chance to catch up with you all again and find out what you're up to.
I have an almost identicval pic of that shaggy camel in the SDZ! It always seems to be mid-moult. I wonder if there is ever a time when it looks sleek and groomed?
And your pics of the Cove at La Jolla remind me of the sunny afternoon in summer 07 when I was there with Laura and her husband. Happy memories!

Tiglizzyclone said...

The first thing I ever sewed was an apron! I don't own one now! But maybe I would get more done if I did have one... and really put it on! Think it would stop that procrastination?

Tiglizzyclone said...

Hey!! And I meant to say yours looks nice!!

Em said...

Your new apron looks great on you, Natalie! You're so cute! I love the grin!

Missy said...

awww...look at you, so cute in your apron! I'm so glad you like your apron.

My "liberal" friends see the apron as a chain to the past I see it as a tool to get work done. Apron Wearers Unite!