Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sometimes It Takes A Long Time To Get Smart

I am not saying I have become smart. But just now I figured out one little thing that makes me feel real smart. Or a bit smarter. Never mind. Every time I post I have to write all the HTML for the title and to post pictures. Either it's because I am lame or blogger is lame or Macs are lame, either way there is a lot of repetitive code writing and it tends to slow the whole process down. Suddenly it occurs to me... why not create a template that I can pull out, copy, cut and paste and use for each post? This is one of those things that is simultaneously simple-duh and brilliant-wow. Right now I am exhilarated by the brilliant-wow aspect. It only took me seven years to think of this, but just imagine how streamlined and smart the blog will be from now on!


I was hoping I had more to say. You know something insightful or fascinating. Something that clearly justifies avoiding house work.

Dang it.

I got nuthin'.

Can I answer any questions?

Hold on.

Let me see...


Here we go.

Em asked, "And.... did the camel spit at you?"

Answer: No. She did not spit at me, but I am savvy about these things. Sometimes it takes a longtime to get smart, and I learned about animals that spit when a camera shy llama gave me a face full of wet DNA in 1988. It's a "funnier" story when Geoff tells it.

Katie, you heard right, "crazy sharp claws," but what about the other bit? Did you all read what Laura Jane added? "...they are also notorious for peeing on unsuspecting folk who hold them, including politicians - they're not proud!" Hilarious. This is just the kind of factoid that makes koalas even cuter in my mind.

Jess, a talented food seamstress, asked whether I have other fabric foods besides strawberries and corn?

Answer: I do! I do! Just scroll down my "Where Was I?" post and you'll find all kinds of veggies and good eats. Recently I made a mushroom and a few corn tortillas. Everyone should see your milk carton!

That's about it for questions and answers. Looking through the comments I was most happily reminded that I get some really wonderful feedback, remarks, encouragement and helpful insights. Thank You. Very much.

It took Max 4 weeks to decide he could let me see him in the class play about geology. He was embarrassed... and he explained it wasn't about stage fright, but more an issue of feeling that the presentation was immature and childish. It must be hard having the sensibilities of a 52 year old man with the experience of a 10 year old boy... just another aspect of Asperger's Syndrome we have learned to recognize and love. I am not allowed to share too much, hence the pictures of Princess Twirls A Lot doing her thing, but I can say that he sings well, speaks clearly, knew all his lines and that Maria and I very much enjoyed the class production of "Geology Rocks." And Max was a good Mountain.

That is all.
Now I am going to clean.
Unless you have a question.


Annie said...

What a beautiful little girl in a gorgeous pink dress!

: )

judy in ky said...

You don't need nothin'... just post pictures of Maria!
I don't even know what an HTML is.

mtnchild said...

Ahhh, the Beanerina, Princess Twirls a Lot . . . I just love that girl!!!


happy zombie said...

Blogger and Wordpress both hate Safari. You ARE smart, they're just antisafarites. I use Firefox whenever I draft a post. I used to code by hand too, ugh... a time suck for sure.

Now I love your blog even more, because I know you made it by hand!

dewatobay said...

The juxtaposition of the 'beauty in pink dress' photos with your writing was simply delightful.

Sara said...

I'm very impressed that you know HOW to write HTML...or whatever it's called! Wow. I get the general idea of it, but I can't write it. I've got a Mac too...but maybe it's because I use one of the Blogger templates that I don't need to know how to write the code? Anyway, I did find, early on, that using Firefox as my browser works better with Blogger than Safari does.

Love the pink twirly photos!

Katie said...

Lol. I wish I could do the same to people sometimes.

Thanks for sharing the info on aspies. A good friend of mine writes a blog about the life of an adult aspie.

Oiyi said...

She is so beautiful!

nikkipolani said...

I'm amazed that you have to blog using HTML... doesn't blogger have buttons you can click to insert images and italicize text? Hmmm... maybe not, as I scroll up and read Happy Zombie's comments. I have just about given up on Safari and am switching to the smarter Firefox. I have a question: What's that tea? The teabag looks most interesting - like there were flowers in the mix.

Lawny said...

why not upgrade to layouts i have tutorials showing you how to create 3 and 4 column templates here's one of them HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language ;-)

Dreaming said...

Its beautiful! thanks

Anonymous said...

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