Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19, 2002.... May 19, 2009 And More Where That Came From

In honor of the official blogiversary day I am opening with a particularly ordinary picture of our cat, Benjamin Franklin Thunder-Cat. Between making PB & J sandwiches and putting on a bra before taking kids to school, I grabbed my camera and captured morning time at Garage Mahal. I can think of a number of captions for Benjamin's look. I think it is obvious that his breakfast did not impress him. Maybe flash photography in the wee AM is unwelcome.

Gilbert, on the dining table. I see Alex has been adding more paint to his frog in progress. He is using acrylic paint. I think he's smart to take his time about laying down his colors. I tend to want to see things all done, so I rush or worse... I give up. He has a lot going on as the school year winds down, and when he's in the right state of mind he takes another pass at finishing Gilbert. It's looking good.

And what have we here? I see my baby, my Netbook, and Geoff adding some features for Chickens Abroad. Weeks ago he decided we cannot traipse around Europe without GPS. His order for satellite maps of Europe finally came in and he's just beginning to fine tune the whole operation. Is it just me, or do you find that software and new gadgets rarely, if ever, work like they are supposed to? The first time? Straightforward? Without upgrades and calls to Bangalore? In this picture we see Geoff looking for driving directions from Apeldoorn, Netherlands to Köln, Germany. It sorta worked, if you want to include instructions from Garage Mahal! Glitch. Geoff is a relentless, never give-up, never surrender problem solving Geek. It will work.

Let's take the camera outside.

Oh Fantam. Poor girl's gone broody. She won't leave the next box. Not much any way. Most days I find her all ruffled and nesty and patient. She will have to be very patient. It took Betty a long time to realize nothing was coming of her weeks on the nest, and I guess Fantam will figure it out too. I apologize to them, to my family and to our neighbors: I really did think we would be in a real house, with a real yard before the chicks became louder, messier, needier big, fat hens. As much as I wish we could put a couple of fertilized eggs in there, I finally do know better. BTW it is not always fun to "know better."

When was Mother's Day? I hesitate to open the calendar and confirm that these plants should be planted by now. The children chose these lovely specimens to revive the fairy garden. Plants and backyards are not the only thing neglected around here. Sigh.

I started this little post this morning and now it's a quarter after 7... nighttime! I have not accomplished 10% of what I set out to do. Max was in a school play and thankfully I did get to see that. The school lady (she could become a feature character in Chickenblog, like the landlord amalgamation we call "GaryBob.")... so the School Lady takes a long look at Maria and says, "Well, Mom have you registered this one for kindergarten?"

$#!* I'm sorry. But seriously. Where does the time go, and why do these things catch me off-guard? Kindergarten? The baby? And it doesn't help that the School Lady just gets under my skin with her nosy-know it all-bossy front desk throne attitude, so you know she gets my rebel up. Just saying.

The day flew by. Four and half years with Maria has flown by. Seven years blogging has gone Mach 9, and here I am caught off guard.

The best thing to be said for any anniversary is that if I am noticing an anniversary, if I am remembering or celebrating or looking back, or just breathing a sigh of relief, then I can be thankful, because I am here, alive. There's a chance something good is about to happen. At the very least I can look around and appreciate flowers and paintings and love and opportunities and kind words and big plans.

Thank you for reading Chickenblog. Have a nice night. Talk to you tomorrow.


amy smith said...

love you natalie...
still reading.

judy in ky said...

Natalie, you compared your blog to a comfortable, old sneaker. It's a lot more than that. It's a refreshing and vibrant place to visit. I know I will always find something real and personal here. You have a lively interest in the world around you, and it comes across. Your blog is just fine the way it is. So much better than those with "gimmicks" like Monday-this and Tuesday-that and things I don't understand like "Mr. Linky". No blatant ads or constant contests or pandering for awards. Your blog comes from the heart. Everything from robots to fairy gardens, from fezes (sp) to beanerinas. It's delightful!

Em said...

Happy Blogiversary, Natalie! I love reading every entry. Keep it up, girl!

Anna Banana said...

It's early. That's my excuse for thinking that BFTC died. Date-date followed by photo. My slow brain figured it out. Happy blogiversary!! Have a moctai -that's the WV.

natalie said...

I just love, LOVE your blog Natalie!

Natalie xo

Gloria said...

Natalie, hi. I come by way of Yaya's blog. This is a very nice blog you have. We have chickens, they lay brown eggs and I am going to have to start giving the eggs away because 2 a day is too much for us. Thanks for sharing and your blog is great.

mtnchild said...

Cats, frogs, maps, chickens and flowers - there is on where else in the world I can be exposed to all those in one day!!

I love your blog, always have. There is always something going on, no matter if it is sad, frustrating, or happy.

Something wonderful is about to happen, yup - you are going to Europe!! I'm jealous!


dewatobay said...

Happy Anniversary for all your special "anniversaries"!
Your blog deserves to be wrapped up and published for more eyes to see! it's a great one.

campbellgirl said...

That darn cat does DISDAIN so well! I'm another that loves your blog, although I am ashamed to say I sometimes skip the geeky bits; I am so not geeky! My heart sinks every time you say you're taking a blogging break and I dread the day you stop altogether - may it never come. Princess Twirls A Lot is just gorgeous in the pink, twirling comes so naturally to her. Such an angel. {{{{hugs}}}} D.

Kedreeva said...

Happy blogiversary! I'm so happy we became friends. The cat is adorable and that frog painting is incredible.
Looking forward to many more years of Chicken blog, Chica!

cyrus said...

Ya hi, whats with the name?