Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All The Colors of Kindergarten

Kindergarten has been about Color Days. This week we have black days, then gray days, then it's on to Letters which I don't think is going to be nearly as fascinating for Maria as Color Days.

"This is PINK day.
I love pink.
And purple, red, orange, and brown, and green, and blue, and I love all the colors."

She really has been loving all of the colors.

I wonder if loving school has anything to do with the focus on what to wear?

She is making friends, and taking initiative. She is learning new games, and yoga.

The other day, I may have been a weensy bit stressy, she came up to me and said: "Now close your eyes, and breath in. Hold it. And let go."

It transformed me.

Initiative? She has been asking about hot lunch since August. She wants in on the hot lunch. It must seem very glamorous, very exotic. Every other day she has some alluring tid-bit about the merits of hot lunch. And basically my job has been to evade her pointed inquiries, and heartfelt pleas. My brain has been too saturated to figure out the hot lunch system, and I am far, far less enchanted by the fast-food catering lunch program anyway.

Monday when I met her at the pick-up gate, she took my hand reassuringly and said: "I asked teacher about hot lunch, and I know how to do it. Let's go to the office."

She's paid up for ten hot lunches. I asked her: "You're going to make healthy choices, right?"

She said, sincerely: "Yes." And with five year old glee she declared: "I am getting the chocolate milk!!"

Also: She is opening a restaurant. She wants to be a dancer, a firefighter, a doctor, a teacher, and a chef. She already designs robots. And she tells everyone that she is a farmer... she is so happy to finally have her very own boots. "Farmers need boots, and you and me are farmers, right momma?"

Yes, we are. We are colorful farmers, in boots.


mtnchild said...

Oh is she ready to go forth and learn!!! What a charmer she is. I love her dress and of course her farm boots.

Dallas said...

This is a great post. She sounds so excited about school, and I love her outfit!

Julie said...

Your Maria is a charmer, for sure! She really should be adding that she is a blog star to her resume. A farmer, blog star!

Rois said...

5 is the best age.

Katie said...

Love it. So much. And that outfit! 5 going on 15.

judy in ky said...

Look out world... here she comes!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how grown up Maria looks. And so glad you're capturing every moment.

warren said...

She's the best plug for farming ever! So cute!

Tracy said...

Oh, my goodness, the wisdom in that little charmer that is Maria! ;o) And look how stylish she is now she's in kindergarten. She just look sooo grown up all of a sudden...*sniff-sniff*... Bless her heart, and may she get to be all those things, or least try them out before deciding on being a dancer, etc. Hope the school lunch fascination will wear off though...most school lunches are nasty and anything but healthy...gak! Although, a bit of choc milk now and again... ;o) Happy Days to you all ((BIG HUGS))

Jennifer said...

The very most precious and truly amazing thing is her finding out how to get those hot lunches, and leading the way. This is a person who will clearly continue to do great things, to find her path, to let no obstacle stand in her way. What an outstanding job you are doing....

trisha too said...

What a doll--the girl has style, just like her Momma.


Marlini Ridlis Ismail said...

she is soo sweet..

Susan said...

Maria has fashion sense extraordinaire!! And she will be successful in whatever career she decides on.

Hopefully the hot lunches in her school are more nutritious than the ones they serve at my grandsons' school. Have you ever encountered those preformed PB&J sandwiches that are smashed with some kind of machine. Disgusting! Thank goodness they're packing lunch this year.