Monday, September 13, 2010


Poor-poor kitty.
Can you find Ferris?
He's the sad kitty meowing in the high branches of the tall, tall pine tree.
Poor-poor kitty. Popoki.

Ferris is not supposed to get outside, which is probably what makes it such a huge temptation for him. It's just that he's such a little guy, and the coyotes, and big dogs, are plentiful in these parts. Well, yesterday he learned for himself that his ambitions do not match his abilities.

And the meowing? The crying... it was so sad and pitiful.
He really was up a tree, out on a limb, stuck.

Naturally, being good, typical helicopter parents, we could not leave him there to grow, and get hungry, and somehow stumble on a way to get himself down. This called for all of us to stand under the tree, and call to him sympathetically. Max held his arms up, willing to catch Ferris if he should fall.

The tree is roughly sixty feet tall, and Ferris was at least twenty feet up. Max wanted to climb up to him, but it is a very sappy tree, without low branches.


He was breaking our hearts.
So, out came the ladder, and up went Max...

Max scooped up his "very scared kitty" and brought him down to safety.
Don't you love happy endings?


Miriam said...

Poor, poor kitty! There is nothing as sad as a meowing kitty stuck in a tree - I know because I've been the person on the ground more than once in my life. And the only thing that eventually gets them down is love - either their love for you finally coaxing them out of the tree, or your love for them causing you to go climbing out on a limb. Isn't love wonderful?

Anonymous said...

What an excellent bedtime story! Glad Popoki is safe and hopefully that he learned a lesson. Probably not, though.

Tonight, Winston did not follow the girls out the screen door which some thoughtless cat left open. Another happy ending.

Katie said...

Popoki! How funny, even if the situation wasn't. Glad Ferris is ok.

Nick said...

I like your chicken blog. Definitely not a turkey.

mtnchild said...

I have been on the ground under a tree more times than I care to remember. One night after failing to get my girl to come down, I finally just went back to bed ... and in about 15 minutes, there she was, scratching to get in.

If you really think about the pitiful little creature, how many old cats have you found that have been stuck in trees for years ... or worse. Don't see too many just hanging around...LOL

Glad your story has a happy ending!

tara said...

Love hay endings. I wonder if he has learned his lesson?

Tiglizzyclone said...

Oh! Poor Ferris! I am glad all turned out well! That last photo is cute! I am sorry he was so scared!

judy in ky said...

I do love happy endings, especially when kitties are involved!

trisha too said...

I DO love happy endings!!

This is a beautiful cat, by the way, which you already know . . .