Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Have Nothing Better To Do

When he bolts out the kitchen door, and the children are already at school, I refuse to chase him all over our yard. He is single-minded and slippery, and he hunkers down in the big shrubs, so I know my efforts would be futile.

But, when I hear him crying... crying from somewhere out there, of course I drop everything and search for him.


This sounds familiar...

Refusing my offer to grab him down, Ferris begins to chew the limbs supporting him. He will bite his way down.

Ferris calmly rethinks his first plan.

He gives kitty kisses. Have I mentioned this? He grabs cheeks and nuzzles affectionately. He purrs vigorously. And. He gets stuck in trees. Lucky for him I have nothing better to do than rescue him. I do it for the kisses.


Anne said...

...and for the adorable photos, too! I'm not looking forward to the day Winston sneaks outside. Thankfully, my trees are a lot shorter than yours!

trisha too said...

The best is when they meow you out of the house, make you THINK you're rescuing them, and then they nonchalantly "rescue" themselves.

I can't imagine not having at least one kitty around!

That first pic is amazing.

dewatobay said...

kisses are good

Hannelore said...

He's gorgeous. And as much trouble as my ginger kitty!

Susan said...

Sweet! I love Ferris and I love kitty kisses. My Frankie gives mucho kisses.

My cat Cricket, who sleeps beside my left arm every night, gets stuck outside once in a while. It's always fun at 2:00 a.m. to be awakened with godawful caterwauling. You know the kind I'm talking about, the one they do deep in their throats and it sounds like someone dying. Can't ignore that!

Andylynne said...

Ah the adventures of Ferris and the tree. You should put it in to a childrens book. You already have the first two chapters :)