Saturday, September 18, 2010

Play Play Play Day

This morning I woke up totally in the mood to sew. Maria and I both have WIPs, and then I stumbled on new sewing inspiration at Angry Chicken, where Amy Karol has a terrific tutorial for making snack bags. I have a love-hate relationship with ziplock bags.

Sew... Maria and I have a couple of projects already started, like our Get Well Quilt, and some embroidery. Maria's flower, and my girl sewing were temporarily lost in the mid-week shuffle, and a whole week passed without any stitching. This morning she and I picked up where we left off, adding more to our little drawings. I love that she still enjoys it, and still knows when to set it down and take a break.

This entire fat quarter stash came from my mom, last Christmas. Thank you Mommy! I kept them intact, happy to look at the colors and patterns, and contemplate the possibilities. I knew they would be great for Amy's snack bags. And Maria was happy to sit with me pulling off stickers, and preparing the fat quarters for a spin in the washer. I wanted to be sure to shrink the fabric before turning them in to handy little ziplock savers.

Washed the fabric, added them to the dryer, cut the rectangles, and made these easy-peasy bags. They close with a fold over flap, and were so easy to make, I already have six.

I can make three bags from one fat quarter. You saw my stash... I can make a lot of bags. I'll need a lot to get me through a week's worth of lunches for four, but I think I will be able to make a few gifts too. Fun.

And while I was stitching, I had the pleasure of listening to William and Maria in the kitchen, doing Science! There were a lot of calls from the kitchen:

"Do we have bottles?"
"Where do we keep the vinegar?"
"Is there any food color?"
"Can we melt these candles?"


William and Maria made several experiments with baking soda and vinegar, one that blasted all the way to the ceiling... outside! And by the time Geoff came home, they were preparing a baking soda and vinegar rocket!

They isolated the baking soda, under a wax seal, and created a trigger with the string... lifting off the wax seal would introduce the vinegar, and the resulting pressure would send the mix through the small hole in the cap.

Who's going to hold rocket, and who is going to pull the cord?

The real aim was to satisfy Maria's appetite for being a scientist, and of course we all enjoyed the fun. A lot of pressure built up in the bottle, and the noise and spray were quite satisfying indeed.

Hey, the day isn't over. What else can we do? What more play?


tara said...

Yay science, stashes and snack bags.
Loving the kitty stuff too.

Emily Cole said...

I love the snack bags... gotta get sewing!

Rois said...

Knowing when to put a project down,now that is a golden thing to teach your child.

I saw the snack bags a few days ago and was SO excited because like you I have a love/hate thing for ziploc's my teen aged son's have informed me it is easier for them if I send lunch in something they can toss out.Toss out!??!!! (this is my newest heartache) But I am still making some for Hubby and me.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Tara... we were definitely mixing things up!
Em... enjoy! It's instant sewingratification!
Rois... you made me realize that I can take advantage of a dirty habit: My guys leave every bit of leftover trash in their lunch bags (arrrgghhh!) Now at least I know they will not *toss* the made-with-love snack bags!

Julie said...

It's great fun to see the progress on your embroidery projects, and love how well Maria is doing! Natalie, you're such a great drawing artist! I always enjoy seeing what you create and your stitches are beautiful!

Susan said...

Great idea! I assume you still use the plastic ones for messy snack items. I've been gathering my one-yard fabric pieces to make pillowcases for extra bed pillows...those things are so expensive and you always need extras. Kid prints are especially popular around here.

Natalie, have you visited this website?

Susan said...

Oh, I meant to say great needlework, too!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Julie... you are so sweet. Thank you.
Susan... that link is a treasure, thank you. And thank you for the praise too.