Friday, January 07, 2011

100% Hencake

This is a hencake.

I make at least one hencake every time I fix pancakes for the family.

This is not necessarily a breakfast picture. It could be dinner. I do that sometimes. Breakfast for dinner.

Hencakes are made from a ladle... the batter is poured out, slowly... first the body, and then the tail and head. Sometimes I add either feet, or a nest for her to settle into.

Hencakes make me happy. When I am amused, I am happy.

Maria used to call a chicken's beak a "toot." I remember exactly the time when she drew a beak, and called it a toot.

The toot is the hardest part to add to a hencake. They usually come out a bit big. This one could be a hummingbird's toot.

And now, I am going to clean our kitchen, fold some laundry, and be uncharacteristically productive in areas domestic.

What are you doing?

Have you figured out Maria's Secret Share? It is kind of a vegetable but it didn't grow in the garden!


Cat said...

I love that. Mom used to make me kitties, (catcakes?), so I can relate. Considering the unladylike way I blow my nose, toot could work for me, as well... Even if it is for a beak... Maria's share is going to make me have to wake up some unused brain cells...


Random said...

Hehehe... and here, again, artistic talent! I have a hard enough time making *round* ones, much less bringing them to life with shapes. I guess if I didn't make them from a box, and made them more often than once every few months...
(I also have to add here that my word verification image was "outine," which is very chicken-y.)

Oiyi said...

The hencake is awesome! Truly talented.

tara said...

Another great hencake.
Yah, breakfast for dinner rocks.
Toots rocks even more.

Anonymous said...

Love the hencake!...and the baboon rainbow booty was both gross AND awesome!
As for the vegetable, I've got nothin.

Julie said...

Yay, for hencakes! ;)

Karla said...