Monday, January 03, 2011

Puddly-Wuddly Walk

We had big plans for our winter break, including long walks, rainy walks, neighborhood walks, beach and garden walks...

Yesterday, the last day of break, Alex, Maria, and I went on a rainy, garden, see-the-beach walk. It was cold! And obviously rainy. I don't know if it was a wise choice as far as recovering sickies are concerned, but it did our spirits a world of good!

We had to persuade Maria to drop her "walk to the park" campaign, which was not easy to do. Finally we piqued her interest when we asked, "What do fish do on a rainy day?" We could see it on her face, when her mind dropped the campaign for slides and swings, and shifted to this interesting inquiry... do fish delight in the extra splashes? Do fish duck and cover, when great plops and drops stir up their watery home?

Maria was the leader, and she found the koi pond, and we found that all of the fish were active and swimmy in the rain. Pretty too.

We were active and swimmy in the rain. We could not sit down. Wet. Cold. Cold. Wet. So, we kept walking through the gardens, smelling the sea, feeling the water and breeze. It was a puddly-wuddly walk. It felt good.

What do surfers do on a rainy day? Do they delight in the extra splashes? Do they stay indoors with hot tea and wool scarves?

On this day, they were out there... surfing, in wetsuits, for obvious reasons.

Funny, last year we were out there, in the water. This is a much colder winter than we had last year.

We don't have wetsuits, so I think we will wait for a sunnier, warmer day before we go in the ocean. Low tide! We won't need wetsuits to enjoy a puddly-wuddly walk through the tidepools.

Ah, new year, new plans...


tara said...

I love the rain.
So how cold is cold

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Ah. Gee wiz, Tara. You're gonna make look extra wimpy! Our cold is different than Idaho cold... Fifty-one degrees fahrenheit. But of course that does not account for wind chill!! I suppose you would like to warm-up in our *cold* weather!

Amanda at 32˙North said...

I did a little painting outside yesterday. Sure it was sunny when I started. But as I neared job's end... STREAKS! Oh well, makes for an interesting looking wall until I can get out there and do it right.

SRF gardens? I know the view from down on the beach and out in the surf there quite well :)

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

A great way to start the year, I'd say. A beach in the rain! Cold and wet, but also beautiful. Happy 2011 to your house from mine.

Jennifer said...

Fresh air is always invigorating, and there is something particularly wonderful about being out and about when others are not. It's easy to love a walk on a sunny day, but it's a talent worth cultivating to love a walk on a rainy one.

Tracy said...

bbbrrr... It's cold here too, but snowy instead! I almost wish some rain would come and wash some snow away. If you get some more rain, send some this way, please. ;o) But walking--that is a GREAT start to the New Year. Hubby & I plan on more walking & better fitness this year--I'm excited! Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

judy in ky said...

You make everything fun... even a cold, rainy day!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Amanda... you know your stuff. It was amazing to see how many brave souls were out in the surf that day. Sorry about those streaks. We'll get another, better, painting day soon.

Thank you Sara. All this rain is sure to get us beautiful and flowery spring walks, yes?

Jennifer... more walks for me! No weather excuses. Don't hesitate to remind me if you suspect me of slacking.

Tracy... good plans we have... let's cheer one another along. I am sure our cold does not compare with a Norwegian winter! Warm ((((hugs)))) for you!

Ah, Judy... I try. Some times it takes more effort, but I never regret making fun.

You know what gives me fun? You! Support, encouragement, understanding, humor... the comments I find here, make life more fun. Thank you.