Thursday, January 06, 2011

Wet Paint

Alex and Suki were asked by their principal to collaborate on a painting for a retiring administrator. William and I made some time to track down this painting Alex has been telling us about. The collage shows campus scenes, new and old. For reference and inspiration, they took photos with a fish eye lens, and also went into the vault to study old year book images.

I wanted to see what they did, before the painting disappeared into someone's home. I think Suki and Alex make a good collaborative team... they have similar interests and creative perspectives, with their own styles and ways of telling the story. Also they are both uniquely kind and respectful, which makes them extremely pleasant to be around, and probably made it easier for them to work together.

(I grin broadly thinking of my oh-so subtle pride in Alex, and Suki. teehee)

The last time I went to visit Alex, the gallery, and the studio, Alex showed me this work in progress. His teacher had asked him to give oils a try, and to create a series of paintings based on a theme. I got to see this oil painting in progress, and it is the third in his series.

Here is the third oil painting. He completed it in November. It is hanging in our office/guestroom/gallery home.

Remember: She works. Or at least, she is thoughtfully designed to work. Alex doesn't draw and paint gears and pistons only because they look cool on a SteamPunk automaton, he does it with a mind toward engineering and function.

Here is the first automaton, done with acrylics. She is hanging in the house too.

This was started in November, and after it went back to school with him, I was eager to see how it's progressing...

The paint is still wet, but I think she is mostly complete.

So intense! I notice his first paintings were very reflective of his high detail pencil and pen work... almost as though he were still using the brush and paint like a pen, with fine lines and minute specifications. This painting is done boldly. It is still elaborate, but he seems more confident about letting the paint and broad brush strokes take command of his image.

And this concludes my amateur venture in to art criticism, and interpretation. Amen.

Gilbert is coming along nicely.
Dear Gilbert.

Hey, it's actually Gilbert's birthday month! He started appearing about four years ago, and then Alex began this larger portrait of our favorite mood-frog. Maybe I should give Gilbert his own, updated, post, with all of his incarnations. He is a worthy fellow.


ArtyZen said...

We like Alex's art work - a lot - and I think you are absolutely right about his developing oil technique. And we like Gilbert too.
Annie and Mateo

Jennifer said...

It's thrilling to see Alex's work in all stages and forms; I am also just so eager to find out which path he chooses, or how he manages to intertwine both art and technology.

Emily Cole said...

Your son is extremely talented. You have no reason to be subtle about your pride in that boy! Awesome paintings, Natalie!

Miriam said...

I just love how proud you are of all your talented and special children.

judy in ky said...

Wow! All of your children are so creative and so imaginative. It's fascinating to see what they do.

Golden West said...

Great paintings! They remind me of Jules Verne stories - fascinating!

mtnchild said...

That boy will do great things with his life. He will do it quietly, but he will do it, and I look forward to following him along his path. To have pride in him is an understatement!!

Your pride in all your children, Team Paradox included, is so much what kids need in this time and place.

Random said...

Oh, my goodness, those (and the ones I clicked through to see) are beautiful. Gorgeous. That talent is amazing... and it doesn't hurt that I love the subjects of the paintings. I love the pistons and gears and tubes, and I love the sense of abject curiosity I get from the last one. (She is vaguely reminiscent of a gas mask; was that deliberate?)

warren said...

I'll say it again...your kids are soooo cool!

Oiyi said...

Wow, you have a very talented artist in your house. Amazing work.

Susan said...

Oh, WOW! Those are awesome! That kid is super-talented. They remind me of some of my son Joshua's art, only his was much darker and scarier.

Alex, you are BRILLIANT!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Many thanks... on behalf of Alex, and his mommy.
(This is silly of me... trying to write, or even think. I can't sleep, so I came to my computer to putter. I want to convey my deepest, most sincere gratitude to all of you, but... oh, goodness... the brain... words... excuse me... I should try this again when I have had more than three hours sleep!)

CarrieMarie said...

oh my heck, every time i see alex's artwork, i get chills. good chills, talent chills. you are such an inspirational mama!