Wednesday, January 05, 2011

What Time is It?!

When I say: Parrot! You say: Ox!

Parrot! Ox!

What Time is It?!
The time is... Three days to FIRST Kick Off! Launch!

Launch is the day when all the teams get rules, parts, and the live NASA feed of what to expect in the six weeks ahead.

What Time is It?!
It's time to get revved up for those gracious and spirited Midnight Mechanics, for Team San Diego, for FIRST Robotics, for 2102 Team Paradox! Time to raise our voices for math and science, for engineering, for art, for coopertition and gracious professionalism!

Last night, a very special delivery was made... it felt like the holidays all over again! It smelled good, like burning the candle of Paradox success! We all donned our new team hoodies, and Maria brought out her best markers so she could add her artistic love for her favorite robotics team in the world!

It is a great team, with students that inspire my hope, and enthusiasm, and spark in me an insuppressible desire to support their dreams.

I can think of a lot of reasons to support robotics, to cheer for math, to feed the team... it's good for the world, for our country, for our community, for our school, for the team, for my son and his friends, it's good for our family. And, it's good for me. I feel lucky to be with these wonderful people... the students, the teachers, parents, the mentors, the inventors. I feel really lucky.

Thank you 2102 Team Paradox.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

How fun! And how great for all the kids and teachers that you are so involved and bring such passion to it all. Yey! Your enthusiasm is contagious!

Happy new year, my friend! I hope 2011 brings you nothing but hugs and happiness!

judy in ky said...

Very exciting! I look forward to hearing more.

Jennifer said...

Woo-hoo! Bring it on! Can't wait to see how this year's adventure unfolds!!

mtnchild said...

... and we're off and running!!! um, you're off and running.

I commend you and Geoff for being so involved. You are right, it is good for the world.

Many hugs