Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For the Record

July 20, 2010
Alex, in Oregon.

Oh deer. Where does the time go? How do we move through an entire year, in the blink of an eye?

I decided I need to write a list, because I am getting dizzy thinking of everything I am forgetting, and forgetting everything I am meaning to remember, and remembering stuff I meant to do, and so on...

A list is what I chiefly need. And I decided to include a picture or two, and that's when I (finally) decided to look at these that My Mom sent from Alex's Oregon visit last summer. And strangely, crazy-happenstancedly, these photos are exactly one year old. To the day! And so it's like this big cosmic reminder that a year can pass very quickly, and that I do need lists, and reminders, and more of whatever it takes to get my life in order, because there is a tendency for me to fail in the realm of order.



That was sort of a mouthful of random introspection. Likely confirming some people's perception that many blogs are fluff and nonsense. Nonetheless, I stand by statement and declare it: sensesical and fraught with deep meaning.

Also: Happy Birthday Gretchen!

Okay. So. Order. Lists. Reminders of what must be accomplished. Because clearly, I am in need.

#1. find a hotel-lodge-roof and floor for our last night of vacation
#2. make spare keys (the ones I made last year do not work... not one of them argghh)
#3. take cats to the vet. Do not be late.
#4. clear the three baskets of clean laundry that lives perpetually at the foot of the bed
#5. clean ratty-rats home
#6. make a second third fourth fifth attempt to barricade chickens from garden bed
#7. finish all Comic-Con costumes
#8. find a seafood restaurant for dinner with AquaMan, AquaWoman, BlackManta, BeeWoman, BeeKeeper, and SuperMom
#9. mail water bottle to Grandmother
#10. load memory stick and return to Mom
#11. collect one large shade loving plant from Jess
#12. shred paper work
#13. pack for trip to Midwest
#14. give Rebekah a concise and non-demoralizing list of what to do and who to feed while we are away
#15. let Corina know we made a plan B
#16. thank Corina for so readily agreeing to be our plan A
#17. set a date for hosting MNO in August
#18. share the date with MNO moms
#19. pay bills
#20. wash the car... Really? I mean, sure the car is dirty, but how clean is it going to stay, waiting for us in a remote airport parking lot?
#21. feed children, repeat
#22. seems like there was more...
#23. clean... It never ends, does it?
#24. floss
#25. figure best way to pack ukulele
#26. probably clean some more

Do all of the above, and love the children, breath deeply, reflect gratefully, and take up yoga. It's later than I think.


Tiglizzyclone said...

It does seem strange how time can go so fast sometimes!Yet other times... it drags on!

Anonymous said...

Umm... Alex is holding a tiger... how cool is that?