Saturday, July 23, 2011

Picture This...

BeeWoman! Saving the World, one garden at a time!
BeeWoman says it best: "Comic-Con is the best!"

The End.

(insert picture of me, Chickenblogger, crying pitifully, shamefully)

I brought my beautiful, heavy, black camera, to Comic-Con, and I took hundreds of pictures. Awesome pictures.

Pictures of Billy Dee Williams.
Pictures of Peter Mayhew.
Pictures of HR Puffnstuff, out of twisted nostalgia, and also to freak Alex out.
Pictures of grand vistas, spectacular Comic-Conness.
Pictures of Maria with every single cool artist, cosplayer, writer, and media person at the convention.
Pictures of William, Alex, and Max smiling, with Comic-Con bliss on their upturned faces.

I can see every picture, every moment. In my mind. You cannot accuse me of being too proud, or of being too prepared. I am neither. Not one picture exists in the real world. Too late, we discovered that there never was a memory card in the camera. None. Nothing. All lost, or never possessed, actually. And no, the beautiful black camera never says, "Hey, check me out, no memory card!"

Soul crushing heartache.
Sad, sad, sad.

(insert picture of me, Chickenblogger, crying pitifully, with raccoon eyes, bed head, and a look of bitter despair)

I did take one picture with my handy mobile device. BeeWoman. From her boots to her beehive, utterly adorable and creative.

Not pictured:

BeeWoman and her dad, the BeeKeeper, complete with suit.

BeeWoman and her brother, Alex, the Marvel Hydra Soldier. He made his own mask and helmet.

William, Alex, and Max sporting huge smiles as they watched a LEGO video.

Me. Ironically, dressed as my alter ego, Chickenblogger-SuperMom. At least here, fiction can be better than truth when I tell you, I looked awesome! But the absurdity and embarrassment of dressing as a blogger/photographer/ultra-together mom, and having no memory card in my camera... well, it sort of diffuses my eagerness to make a big deal of this fantasy memory.

I feel ill.

(insert picture of me, Chickenblogger, throwing-up a little bit. Just kidding. Sorry about that. Gross, I know.)


ArtyZen said...

Get better soon - you have my utmost sympathy.

Imagine life without digital; without film; without cameras of any sort. It's only like that... I think. Sort of. Axx

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooo sorry... time to contact all the artists who took photos with Maria and ask/beg for copies.

Alison said...

I'd blame the camera, that's what I'd do. Camera, you owe Natalie, big time! You know what? The first time I went to take a picture after arriving in London on our big trip, guess what? That's right, NO CARD! But I had packed an extra, with less memory. And my camera let me know about it. So, I repeat, it's the camera's fault.

So glad you have the pictures in your mind's eye, at least. And nobody has double chins in those, right!?

nikkipolani said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry you don't have those precious memories in pixels. But the outfit on Maria is absolutely fantastic and adorable and super creative :-)

Evelyn said...

I did the same thing about 6 months ago, only I had the camera on the wrong setting. Every. Single. Picture. Totally white washed. Such a bummer. Turns that high of an awesome day into total let down. But there will be more comic-cons to take pictures at, and one day this will just be a story to tell, "remember that one year?" It'll be ok. 'pat pat'

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

You all are great. Thank you. The pain has subsided, the wound is healing. Oh, woe the perils of our modern lives!!