Monday, July 18, 2011

I So Busy Having Fun

Dear Summer,
Please don't stop being wonderful. Your weather has been ideal... sometimes a bit hot, but tempered with some cooler mornings, breezy evenings. You have brought us celebrations, and random fun. You have brought visitors, guests, roommates, friends, family, a fish. Our home is as full as our hearts. Thank you for letting us sleep a bit later, for keeping us from boredom, from too many agendas, from other people's rules and deadlines. Oh, Summer, thank you. Never end, or at least promise us you will come again, every year, for always and forever.

::Tamsyn, Geoff, Suki, Maria, Grant, Eli, William and Alex... laughing at this.::

We have been doing and having all kinds of funness and play, like visiting Legoland with Suki and Tamsyn, seeing the aquarium, posing with LEGO Darth Vader. We ate a mermaid pancake. We had fish fingers and custard for breakfast. We visited Technomania Circus. There have been fireworks, and works of fire. Painting, drawing, cutting, gluing, sewing, reading, singing, laughing. Lots and lots of laughing.

::Tamsyn, Maria, Suki::

We are not slowing down. Too much to do! Most of it is our choice, which is such a treat, such a blessing. Today is dedicated to finishing costumes for Comic-Con. The house is full of alter egos and Marvel heroes. Maria has developed a brand new comic heroine who will debut this week. I have a lot of sewing to do! Remember: Bee Woman is coming to save the planet's gardens and farms!

::Tamsyn, Maria, Suki::

For one week there were as many girls as boys in the Bird House, and that was a lot of fun. It would take an elaborate, multi tiered flow chart to describe every place, every activity that has kept us Birds busy... from SteamPunk gatherings to midnight showings of Harry Potter, from drawing fish scales, to rehearsing musical scales.

::Tamsyn got steamed and punked for a Chrononaut Night::

Have I mentioned the music? Oh, I love the music.
Broadway bound Tamsyn singing like a linnet bird, and preparing to record an audition video. Suki strumming her ukulele, and her pretty voice, lilting and bright. Eli and his guitar. Maria practicing her C chord... new music on our play lists, new songs we sing along to. Instruments, and humming, and the air abuzz with music. I. love. all. of. it.

::Michael, Maria, Michal::

The Biergarten has been open twice this summer. We have good friends. We are meeting new friends. Summer has been a wealth of smiles, and good feelings.

::William, Max, Maria, Suki, Alex, Eli::

Movie nights here. Movie nights at George's. Midnight movies, and a Lord of the Rings movie marathon. I hope there is time for a few more. Big screens, hot buttered popcorn, a crowd, a shared summer night.

::Suki and Maria::

A comic book Summer. A sprinklers and sparklers Summer. Tomatoes and basil. Shave ice and hula hoops. Apricots and apples, pies and salsas. We have been writing our own adventures and making happy endings.

::William, Alex, Suki, Delia, Eunice::

Didn't I say expect to be surprised? Yes. And look what happens! My Mom came from Oregon. With one days notice, I find she is coming to Southern California, and happily the very next day she and Grandmother come to our home too. Cheers for spontaneity. Cheers for love and family, for staying in touch and getting together.


Thank you, Summer, for birthday celebrations, late ones, and early ones. Thank you for spontaneous reunions, and hot coffee, for long tables with room for all. Thank you for Tardis shirts, and Sonic Screwdrivers, for Portal cakes, and sing-alongs. Thank you for propane torches, low-rider dogs, and sleepovers, cousins, and bunny expeditions.

Dear Summer,
Do not be hasty. Do not hurry, and be gone too soon. We have so much to look forward to. So much that we are happy to anticipate, but with each passing day, we fear that you will be over before we are ready for school bells and sack lunches. So stay a bit longer much longer... long enough for swims, and pitching tents, for fireflies, and adventures, for a thunderstorm, and a road trip. Stay, until we begin to long for longer nights, and Jack o' lanterns, for school friends, and falling leaves, whenever that may be.

Yours truly,

Natalie, ukulele student, and Queen Bee, so busy having fun...


nikkipolani said...

love love love all those summer smiles!

Tracy said...

So much fun and happy smiles...*sigh*... And LOVE Tamsyn's steamed punk look! Summer is the best time... I'm wishing it would last & last too... Happy Days, dear Natalie :o) ((HUGS))